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    This group is for authors that write #fantasy novels, poems, short stories, etc. We discuss writing techniques, tips, critique work, help with research, etc. We also might do some reading and discussi...
    Posted by Donna B on September 13, 2014
  • 5 members
    Let's start an online recurring book club! If you love reading books, but don't feel you have the time and will to prioritize it join this club! We'll encourage each other to stay activ...
    Posted by Anna Eliasson on October 23, 2014
  • 3 members
    A group for author Stephen James Linden-Wyatt. Stephen is a Poet, Children's author from the UK and also shares his battle with depression. In this group, Stephen Shares some of his work.
    Posted by Stephen Linden-Wyatt on September 5, 2017
  • 4 members
    This is a fan page for Edgar Allan Poe
    Posted by Donna B on September 12, 2014
  • 13 members
    I will be issuing challenges every now and then for people to write! Everyone needs a break from the norm every now and then, so if you choose to participate I ask that you abide by the rules of the ...
    Posted by Challenge Maker on September 17, 2014
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    There are so many books that really stick with you. So many that become a part of your life almost. Some examples for me would be... the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling that introduced me to world b...
    Posted March 30, 2015
    By: LS Admin
    Have you ever really thought about that question? At first glance, it sounds like a stupid question, easily answered with, "I write because I want to." Not quite the answer that provides us with the m...
    Posted January 27, 2014
    By: LS Admin
    We had seen a lot of good reviews for Scrivener and so we decided to download the demo version and try it ourselves. This writing software has a great introductory tutorial and a full 30 day trial...
    Posted March 14, 2014
    Coming in April 2017! ~Prologue~ As above, so below. Few understand the true meaning of the phrase, and even fewer can grasp the consequences of it. Deities are worshiped because they are made and f...
    Posted February 9, 2017
    By: G.Grace
    The Rune of my Destiny part 1Orion opened his eyes and rises from his slumber, just the same as he had for the last three thousand years, with determination. Awareness crept into his mind, and with a ...
    Posted October 5, 2014
    In the dead of the night when you are alone fear not for I am here. See me not, but feel the vibrations of my heart stir the blanket upon your shoulder. As you dream of white clouds and blue skies, I ...
    Posted April 17, 2015
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    By: LS Admin
    Stephen King has always been one of my favorite writers. As such, it was a given that one of the first books reviewed would be his On Writing, a Memoir of the Craft . The copy I just got was the anniv...
    Posted March 5, 2014
    By: LS Admin
    We do allow book promotions here. Please follow these guidelines when submitting a book promotion. You can submit to both places for more ranking in Google and other search engines but please make eac...
    Posted February 2, 2014
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    1- Stock up on snacks to keep motivated. Get healthier snacks for keeping energy throughout the day. Focus on protein, things like trail mix, baked or veggie chips, cheese sticks, etc. Nobody wan...
    Posted October 19, 2017
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