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Beautiful Angels

  • A short childrens story I wrote, it just needs artwork to accompany it. Any suggestions are welcome! Each line is 2 pages across.Long ago there were two little angels, they loved to laugh and romp about.Every day that they would play, a lady would watch and smile.She watched as they would frolick, dance and squeal with glee.It warmed her heart and softened her soul, to see these two at play.They loved to sit on her lap, with one on each knee.Every night she would gather them near, and tell them of a story she held dear.With each night, the stories did grow.Their eyes would shimmer with delight, as their wings would glow.She would add such emphasis, they felt as though the stories were real!With each gasp, they would hide their faces.And at every fright, the angels would jump and squeal.They loved her dearly, and she adored them so.The lady loved them, and she said as such.As she tucked them in for bed, they would give kisses by the bunch.Closing the door to leave, she always turns and whispersYou're my beautiful angels, the sweetest gift of love.