Maeling Taylor

  • (This was written for my niece, MaeLing, as a Christmas present. I designed and printed them books as keepsakes, with custom "disney" fairy avatars of themselves to illustrate the scenes.)

    In a hidden valley, located just past Neverland, a brand new fairy was born of golden sand. MaeLing becomes the newest animal-talent fairy in the land.

    But all is not well in Pixie Hollow. Baby animals are getting lost, and not one fairy could follow. Little MaeLing, young though she may be, decides to set out and find those poor babies! MaeLing searches high and searches low… but where they could be, she wonders if she’ll ever know. Where could they be, she wonders as she flies? Could they be in Tinker’s Grotto? Or maybe nearer the skies?

    That determined little fairy searched all day until light turned to dusk. Mae Ling would find those babies, find them or bust! Just as she was ready to give up, she heard a small sound…just a little peep, coming from deep inside the forbidden tree! Fairies can’t go in, it’s the Forbidden tree……but “What could it hurt”, she mused in her head, “if I just took a little peek, a little look instead?”

    With butterflies in her tummy, Maeling follows the sound to the Forbidden Tree, where no fairy should ever be found. To her surprise, her complete shock she sees all the furry babies, lined up in little cots! A flute, no bigger than a pea was playing in the corner to keep the babies asleep. Maeling didn't have to wonder long whose flute it could be, when the light brightened she could finally see!

    A monster lived here, big and mean! Maeling flew fast as she could, to tell the others what she had seen.The others were frightened, as they should be, but Maeling knew all they really needed was a key! The fairies worked together as fast as they could. This couldn't wait, they all understood.

    Tinkerbell fashioned a neat little key, to open any locks they may see. Rosetta mixed a bunch of petals, a sleeping potion for the monster’s nettles. Irridessa made the lights go out, Silvermist tipped the flute with a fairy water spout. Animal fairies flew every which way to grab all the babies and carry them away….together the fairies saved the day.

    And little Maeling, the brand-newest fairy got to play with the the furries her little arms could carry. So let it be known, my precious little sprite….You may be small, but there’s NOTHING you can’t do if you try with all your might.