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  • She stood alone as the tempest swirled around her.
    Wind and waves whipped against the bow, relentless.
    Angry seas, in ebony, stretched out it seemed forever
    as pleas for help were swallowed in the tempest.

    Merciless rain, icy spears, struck unprotected skin.
    The tempest wails echoed and pierced her very soul.
    Yet hope was still a fire that lie burning deep within

    as darkness stretched forever, what safety could she know?


    A light, though dim, appeared far off in the distance

    and beckoned forth the ship that struggled with the tempest.

    She sailed ahead, tossed by seas caught in macabre dance, 

    the failing light ahead served as her only compass.


    The tempest's winds howled, crashed angrily together 

    while the ship forged forth as it sailed into the light.

    One final push as the tempest came upon her

    and she crashed into the rocks and lost her fight.