The Path That Speaks.

  • It's not the best I've written. And it's posted just as I wrote it. So no edits have been done. There are mistakes. Still hope you enjoy. Oh where will you take my old friend?What secrets do you hide around each bend?What tales of the past would you share? And what adventures would I find there? He gives me a small laugh at my audacious questions. Take my path he says, and I will show you many wonders. I will teach you about life and dreams and hope. I will lead you to new engagements for your soul. Take up a staff to lean upon when you tire. For this is a never ending journey. Come with me if you so dare. His laughter was light and floated upon the wind. His caress upon my brow was like an angels wings. I picked up a mighty staff to begin my journey. The branches ebbed and flowed with the breeze beckoning me to quicken my gait. Music of the season filled the crisp cool air. The sunlight danced amongst the trees. I could not hasten my step. For there was much to behold with every step I did make. I could hear his voice ring clear as he shared his home with me. There upon the grass, do you see, the sweet kiss of morning dew is still alive. Harken your ears, do you hear, the water from the creek is singing a glad song. Pick up that leaf, do you feel, the veins of life throbbing within. Breath deep, do you smell, the earth opens her heart with sensual bouquet.As I turn the next bend to my eyes delight I find a small field of flowers with petals reaching for the suns kiss.Alas, he says, it's their final days. It's time for them to return to earth and replenish their spirit. Come further down the path for there is more to see. The tree over here, she has small saplings near by. And here on my side, do you see, the family of rabbits sharing a meal. Over here is the mighty Oak who bears the name of many lovers. Shhh, be still now, and you will hear the cry of Summer as she goes to sleep. Yet in her place, there just around the next bend of your journey, listen close, you can hear the beginnings of the chorus of our Autumn. Just a slight murmuring of notes. Clear and crisp does our Autumn sing. I listen close, and yes, I can hear the tinkling of music like crystal bells. I continue my journey with my heart open wide. Taking in the wonders he chose to provide. More wonders with each step. Memories of those who had taken this journey before me. As I near the end of the path he speaks to me one last time. Here before you is a path many have traveled. But few have taken the time to see. I shared my life with you so you might bring others to see.We are lonely for the company and laughter of your kind. So come back often. Walk my path again, and I will share new wonders each time. We offer you kindness, hope and dreams. You have only to take a step. Before you now is another path. I hope you will move forward and remember each day is a journey. All you have to do is take the first step. As I looked up, I saw the path had ended. He was quiet once again. Looking back I saw his wave of goodbye through the branches dancing to the tune of the wind. Goodbye my friend. I will return soon. And I will bring others with me. The path was filled with many delights. My soul was full, my heart was light. And Autumn filled my soul.