I Wait For You

  • The rain pours down upon my uplifted face. I feel the trickling drops seep between the buttons of my blouse. The cool wetness of each drop relieves the heated weight of my breasts.Taking a heaving breath the fragrant air cleanses my lungs and lifts the fog of my mind. Your image impresses upon my minds eyes. Oh what a glorious site. The muscles of your body bulge against the confines of your uniform. Another deep breath and you become clearer in my mind. Your dark hair is damp from the rain. My hand reaches up and brushes the hair from your face. My palm caresses your cheek. The sharp edges and planes easily sculpted with my fingers. I step closer and feel your arms surround me. My breasts are taut with desire. My breath becomes labored as my desire clenches my lungs. The rain pounds against me as the sky lashes out against the dark skies with streaks of electric tongues. Thunder booms across the land, shaking the boughs of rain laden tree branches. You whisper words only my soul can hear. They reverberate across the synapsis of time. Tick. Tock. Slowly moving through my veins and across the Abyss of my soul.Heat radiates from my womanhood. Your eyes search mine to devour me. Piercing me with your desire. You pull me tight to your body. Your desire presses against me. I feel the pulses of your need. A groan of pain breaks the quiet of our love. I lick the rain from your lips. Swirling my tongue across the seam. Begging for entrance. A clashing tango of tongue and lips. Our throbbing dance of tongues matches the tempo of our hips. Your hand entangles in my hair pulling back my head. A plundering ravaging crescendo of exploration leaves us breathless yet yearning for more. A gentle smile breaks upon my face. Oh my glorious warrior. Your battles take you far from me on many a night. Oh the wicked things we could do if you were but here. I look to the sky to accept the pouring rain, knowing you are out there fighting the freedom battle. No rain on this night even though my cheeks are moistened and my breasts are cool. Rain is not the source. Tears. Tears created the rain on my face. Tears cooled my breast. The pain of missing you caused the thunder to roll and the sky to shriek in tongs of angry fingers. I turn away from the tears. I turn away from the pain.Standing tall in my soul, I wait for you.I wait for you.