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Halloween Story - Followers of Terra

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    February 10, 2017
    In the old folklore, handed down throughout the ages in varying languages and varying regions, is a tale long ago lost in most modern cultures as happens with progress. Remote areas that still practice tribal ceremonies and that pay heed to old tales, are already preparing for the Halloween of 2015. Not so though with their counterparts who have cast aside the old tales as fiction. However, had any scholar studied this particular tale, had they found it perhaps in some old archives, they would have wondered how such a tale could have spread all over the globe in times when some areas had not even been discovered – when some civilizations remained hidden. Perhaps this tale was more than just a tale….

    In the land of HanaCimar, the village elder, Srina, sits around the fire and prepares to tell the tale to the tribe sitting eagerly around. Most have heard it before, but tradition dictates that they share the tale each year lest they forget and become complacent. Children who have never heard it before may have trouble sleeping for a time after.

    This year, 2015, is most important as the old lore states. Srina looks to the skies and feels his forefather's spirits uplifting him as he gazes at the stars, each holding the Upcha, or spirit, of tribal leaders passed. He looks at the faces of his tribe, all eagerly awaiting the tale, some beset with worry as they know what was foretold. It is his job as elder, as it will be any that follow in his steps, to keep the traditions upheld and keep the tribe safe. He doesn't know what will become of the rest of the tribes on Earth, some in their metal Humchas (homes) but that is not his concern. Each had their own responsibility to keep to the tradition or face the consequences.

    In a deep, strong voice, Srina tells the tale:

    “In times ago, when our lands were all as one and there was just one tribe, there was peace among all the living creatures. Food was plentiful and the Earth was at peace.

    It is said that a star fell from the sky as it was envious of the sun and in its exile and fall from grace, it landed in the ocean. This angered the Earth spirit, Terra, and she tried to remove it from her ocean. Her attempts split the star into many pieces and its spirit was set free upon the earth.

    This spirit infected some of the tribesmen with evil thoughts – gluttony, greed, lust and murderous thoughts as they had never known before. These men changed form as the evil inside them took over. They became the Jackylites and were feared amongst the tribes and so exiled to live in the forests. They had long teeth and claws, long hair covered their face and skin so that they looked like beasts as time went on. Children started to disappear and so were kept inside unless an adult were with them to watch over them.

    The tribe elder, Himsara, was a powerful Shaman and was able to keep the evil spirit, who he named Invara, from infecting any more tribesmen but his spells could not last forever and so he begged the Earth spirit for help.

    Seeing that the tribe, who had always lived in peace and taken care of the land in their care, were in danger, she stepped in to help. In her desire to protect as much of the tribe as she could, Terra split apart the land and with it, the tribe was divided into many. She then battled against Invara in a battle that lasted for years. Much on earth was changed during this battle. Seeing that each was equal, Terra and Invara made an agreement.

    Invara would leave the tribes in peace for all days except for the last day of the 10th month every 15 years. On that day, he was free to roam and set his Jackylites upon any tribesmen that did not follow the ways of the Earth Spirit. This included those that did not take care of the lands and creatures on it and strayed from the peaceful nature of the original tribe.

    In preparation of this day, tribes that follow the Earth Spirit and respect the teachings were to show their loyalty by placing offerings to Terra in front of their homes. These offerings would be flowers and plants, planted in a circle as the circle of life. Each person would also have a mark (tattoo) on their hand in a circle with a tree in the center, symbolizing their bond with Terra.

    Any that did not follow the ways of Terra would live horrors beyond describing. Invara will come every 15th year, on the last day of the 10th month. Are you ready to face him?”

    Srina finishes the tale and then looks around.

    “Who will come receive the mark of Terra?”

    All of the tribes people that didn't have the mark lined up to get one while the rest went to prepare the offerings.

    On the 31st of October, Halloween as many call it, Invara and his Jackylites roamed the streets in a land called United States. The houses were displaying various things that made Invara smile as it seemed they were welcoming him and his minions. He smiled as he surveyed the area. Not one follower of Terra. In fact, many of the homes were anything but friendly to Terra. Debris littered the ground, there were few trees, and the air smelled foul.

    He let loose the Jackylites to bring him some humans as he went to prepare. Their worst fears were about to become their reality. They would be spending eternity in his prison, facing their fears every second of the day. In his mind, he could see the fears of each of the humans as he passed through the city – spiders, snakes, clowns, ghosts, etc. Each thing would be ready in abundance for his prisoners. He let out a maniacal laugh that echoed throughout the entire city as he saw the first of his Jackylites returning with its victim.

    So, dear reader, are you REALLY prepared for Halloween?