Open Office, a Great Alternative to MS Office

  • We use OpenOffice for all of our documents, spreadsheets, etc. as opposed to the rather expensive MS Office. This free program packs a lot in its goodie bag. We've not found anything we needed to do that we could not do with this program.

    It opens and saves in multiple formats, including pdf and doc plus many others. It has a ton of great features and is easy to use.

    When making long documents, the comment and bookmark features are a must. These also come in handy when editing a first draft.

    The table of contents is cool because you can set up your document and with just a few steps have it auto-populate the table of contents.

    So many features for a free program. If you need your document in pdf format, there is a button for that too. You can even choose to email right from the document screen.

    We suggest for you to make a donation to their project if you use this program, in order to help keep updates and new features coming in the future as it does help to offset their costs in making this and show appreciation for their superb programming and massive efforts they must be taking to make this top-notch program. If not a monetary contribution, they also are accepting volunteers to help in various areas of their project.