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Donna B The story starter, Sami and the Mysterious Box in the forum is a gender neutral story starter. This can help those who want to retrain their writing brain to write in a gender neutral way. It wasn't easy for me to do. It's definitely something to work at as it changes how we were always taught to write. At least for me it does.
Mon at 12:59 PM

LS Admin Yep. Another day, another change. I didn't like the other colors and it is taking far too much energy in creating colors for all of the things to change and to make it handicap accessible. I will try again when I have more energy. :)
Aug 13

Mandi Konesni Do you enjoy writing poetry? Are you interested in having some of your poems published in an anthology? Cree Nations with House of Dark Angel Publishers is looking for you!  If you'd like to hear more, the original post is here- And the profile to contact is here- I've asked her permission to post here on Lit Social as well, so she knows some of us may be coming from here :) If there's enough interest, there may be multiple anthologies planned, so this gets us first dibs on any slots for the next ones as well!
December 17, 2017

Stephen Linden-Wyatt So chuffed (happy) to have my first poetry book self-published on Amazon. Fingers crossed this will lead to a future publishing deal.
November 9, 2017

Toni Abraham Hi, new to the group and need some advice, I have written a novel, the first in a trilogy. I write romantic/erotica and also have some ideas for a few horror books. I have no agent or editor and have never been published. I want to know, what is the best way to get published? After writing my book, I sent the manuscript to several publishers and have had responses but they have said they don't have any interest in my book at this time. What are people's thoughts on self-publishing? I would rather just write and let someone else do all the menial work to get my stories out there. I am so confused about the publishing world and what it entails. Any advice I get is greatly appreciated, as I've hit a wall on what to do next. Thanks in advance :)
November 2, 2017