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  • We had seen a lot of good reviews for Scrivener and so we decided to download the demo version and try it ourselves.

    This writing software has a great introductory tutorial and a full 30 day trial period to try before you buy. For anyone needing help organizing their writing research, character info, scene info, etc., this software does that in an easy to use format.

    Not only can you organize everything in the left sidebar, but it's easy to refer back to each thing, even open in a split screen if needed. Links, images, pdf files and more can all be put right within reach in the left column. This makes it so much easier to refer back to important articles and things necessary for your novel or other literary work.

    The search is a great feature as you can quickly find other references to your search term and save the search to refer back to later on if needed.

    It also has an outliner feature if you want to plan your novel ahead of time. The corkboard feature is yet another tool to make your documents more organized with color coded notecards for even more organizational help.

    It comes with various formatting options, making it easy to switch from screenplays, manuscripts, ebook formats, etc so that you can easily have it ready no matter where you need to send it and no matter the format required.

    The snapshot feature allows you to take a snapshot of your current document before editing so you don't accidentally lose the original. This helps keep you from accidentally overwriting the original without having a copy of it. We have all most likely experienced the dreaded "cut out a scene" only to decide we might want part of it but we accidentally overwrote the original so it's lost forever.

    For the small price tag of $40, this is a great piece of software for writers. Though we have only tested this for a short time, we already find the features to be quite appealing. We will most likely write a more in-depth review of this software at a later time once we have had more time to evaluate it. For now, we recommend for everyone to at least download the trial version and give it a try.



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