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  • We accidentally stumbled upon LibreOffice when we were looking for good writing software. OpenOffice had been our choice of MS Office alternative for the past few years and so we were surprised to learn about this other program. It's been around for a few years so we should have noticed it earlier but were not really looking.

    It has some features that we like better than OpenOffice. When this program opens, it presents a list of recent documents used, shown as thumbnails of the docs. This makes it very easy to find frequently or recently used stuff.

    We love that it shows a word count at the bottom of the page. This is so helpful when writing. OpenOffice has the word count also but not handy at the bottom so this is a plus for LibreOffice over OpenOffice.

    We did have a bit of a disappointment when we installed an extension and it had errors. It took a bit of searching to find a fix for it and that extension works now but that is one negative experience we had. The Language Tool language checker did not install well on Window 8.1 and with this newer version of LibreOffice. There is a fix posted here for issues with Windows and the fix does work.

    Since this program is free, we encourage you to try it and see if you find it works for your projects. We also encourage you to contribute to their project as it will help them to continue to provide updates and new features.



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