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Why Do You Write?

  • Have you ever really thought about that question? At first glance, it sounds like a stupid question, easily answered with, "I write because I want to." Not quite the answer that provides us with the motivation behind the author.

    When you sit down and look at this desire to create literary masterpieces, what do you really see? Are you driven by a need to create some new world with your work? Perhaps motivation is the desire to enlighten your readers. Is this book absolutely screaming at you to put it on paper?

    You may be asking what the point is of this exercise. The answer is simple. There will be times when you are facing a block. When your creativity or inner voice has left on vacation and you just can't seem to find the words to progress this piece of work that you've labored on. Times when you just want to give up.

    It is during those times that you need to read again what motivates you to write. To take the time to remember your "why" and to perhaps find again the magic that dwells within you for creating these literary works.

    Please take the time now to write your blog about why you write and what motivates you. Add Your Blog If you would, please use the hashtag #whywrite at the end of your article so it's easier for people to find also.