What is Your Favorite Genre and Why?

  • Today we look at genres.

    Where does your writing fit? Is it Horror, Mystery, Erotica, etc? When you write, having a main genre of interest does help to focus your writing and establish you as an author of "x" genre. However, you don't have to be stuck in any one genre of interest. Perhaps your main focus is Horror but you also explore Suspense or Romance from time to time.

    It's ok to have more than one genre to write in. If a story comes to you and it's not in your main genre focus, write it by all means. It can help to broaden your skills to explore other genres and see things from a different perspective. This can also help you when writing to your main genre as it could bring new creative focus.

    Please take the time now to write your blog about what genre is your main focus and why. If you have written in a few different genres, please share that with us as well and about how it helps you to have more than one. Add Your Blog If you would, please use the hashtag #favoritegenre at the end of your article so it's easier for people to find also.