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Exploring Characters - Part 1

  • Great characters that come to life for the reader are essential for the success of your book or short story. The reader needs to form some sort of bond with the character in order to want to read through to the end to see the final outcome. They want someone to cheer, or jeer, to laugh with or cry with. Basically, they want a real experience though the eyes of this fictional character that they will invest their time with.

    It's your job as the writer to craft your characters in such a way so as to achieve the desired impact on the reader, which will keep them coming back to read more of your work. If you fail in creating real characters, you most likely won't have a loyal audience that awaits your next release.

    For this exercise, we will use this article to create a few characters. Please read through the article and after you've read through it once, please do the steps for METHODS FOR DEEPENING CHARACTERIZATIONS, Real-Life Characters . From the list they compile to Include in Your Exploration , please choose up to three from that list and write about those. (You can do more if you want to but we didn't want to load anyone down with too much to do) When you make your list, please don't post the real names and just use fictional names for them. Also, don't post what relation they are to you. We just want to get the character's description.

    When deciding who to include from that list, think of those that had a real impact on you. Describe them, following the advice from the article:

    fix them in your mind, remember a few details about their lives, their physical appearances, the effect they’ve had on you, and anything else you think would be important if you were to describe them to someone who didn’t already know them.


    Write your character blog here and for the title please put something that lets readers know it's for this exercise. You can even link this exercise in the article.

    If you would, please use the hashtag #exploringcharacters at the end of your article so it's easier for people to find also.

    We'll use the characters in other exercises and later in a short story exercise.