Exploring Characters - Part 2

  • We started with this exercise and now have some characters to choose from for this next exercise. Please use this article again and go to the section Emotional Triggers.

    Take at least one of your characters from the first exercise and fill in the emotional incidents mentioned in the linked article. Note that the author mentions:

    When performing this exercise, my students sometimes get caught up on trying to think of the “greatest” such moments. Don’t fall into this needless trap. Instead, think merely of one moment (presumably of many) of particularly strong impact in any one category.


    You can do each of your characters or just one but since we will have an exercise to write a story later with this/these characters, it might be good for you to think about the other characters too. Please remember that our characters are not using names of real people for these exercises so be sure you changed the name(s).

    Write your character blog here and for the title please put something that lets readers know it's for this exercise. You can even link this exercise in the article. If you would, please use the hashtag #exploringcharacters at the end of your article so it's easier for people to find also.