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Book Promotions

  • We do allow book promotions here. Please follow these guidelines when submitting a book promotion. You can submit to both places for more ranking in Google and other search engines but please make each submission different.

    Sample Chapters

    When submitting sample chapters, please do so in the Articles & Stories section of the site. This will allow you to put the book cover and the chapters with a table of contents.

    You can put the main part as a brief synopsis of the book and then add the chapters as sections to that. Tutorial for writing articles will help you learn how to make these if you've not done it yet. If you don't understand how to use the article system, please feel free to ask me in PM or ask in the forum.

    Please try to make it different from other places you've been submitting because search engines do not like duplicate content so if you want it to rank better with the search engines (and for people to find it better) always make your submissions a bit different on each site you submit to.

    Book Promotions in the Blogs

    Please feel free to post a book promotion in our blog section to also help promote your book. You can even link to where the book is being sold.

    We ask that each blog be at least 150 characters and be different from what you post elsewhere. This will help your ranking in the search engine and help promote your book much better as the search engines prefer new content over duplicate content.

    Use Buffer to Post to Social Sites

    When you make your promotions, you will most likely want to share that to various social sites. We recommend using buffer for promotions because you can schedule it, see reports and stats on your posts, and it shortens the url which is better when posting.

    If you don't want to use the Buffer button, you can use the Share link at the bottom of each area as it will share to various social networks but it does not have the features that Buffer offers.


    Don't forget your hashtags at the end of your posts. It does not work yet in the articles section but works in the blogs. These are also being indexed by Google and other search engines and so it's a good idea to use relevant hashtags to help with promotions. A hashtag is made just by putting the # symbol before a word such as you see at the end of this post. Please use one word hashtags as this system at this time only supports that.