Losing Taurus Once More

  • A/N - Heyo! I just uploaded this quickly, Audio will come soon.January 2010Dear Diary,Life. Sucks. Seriously. Yesterday was my birthday, and Jaden didn't even call, no text, actually nothing. Nothing.I need to stop thinking about this. Its been Six months and twenty-three days. I was seventeen now, he was eighteen. He turned eighteen on January thirteenth. I didn't say happy birthday though. He wouldn't reply. Hell, he might have blocked me.I needed to know what I did wrong. I want closure. I want to know what happened. He was to come back three months ago. I never talk about it outside of you, my diary, but I still feel hurt. Betrayed.I need to understand. I need to know. What was the cause of his leaving. Moreover, why did nobody care? His mother didn't care, my mother did not. It's almost as if, Jaden and his father, Ashton, hadn't disappeared off the face of the earth and gone to god knows where.Waking up on my birthday, I checked my phone, finding usual texts from my friends and Kaden. I opened Kaden's first and found myself grinning at his message.Happy birthday, my beautiful girl! I love you so much! I'll see you tonight, gorgeous.I couldn't help but have my stomach in a knot. It was so cute. I think I just stared at the message for a good twenty minutes because I was so awestruck by the love filled message. I finally replied with a thank you and a love you back at him. I responded to my other texts as well.I looked up, thankful it was a Saturday and I slumped out of bed. I hopped downstairs, forgetting about Jaden for the time being. I had work today, sadly, but I didn't mind. The man wasn't that demanding and sometimes they would just talk when he had nothing more to do.I had learned that he was Twenty three, single and not looking, he had a wife but they broke off with mutual understanding. I learned about his one son that now loved with his friend, his ex-wife.Mr. Shackles was a kind-hearted man, and I was grateful for it. It was a great first job to have. Of course, I still had to run around getting his coffee and than taking notes putting them on presentations or something of the sort - but it was all nice. It was something I liked to do.I was working until four, when I had to meet with my family, and then go out with my friends and Kaden. They all knew about our relationship, and the rooted for us - claiming that they all called it. It was adorable. They even made a ship name. Kalia [Pronounced Kay*la]I hopped out of work, with a little extra hop in my step, a lot like usual when I came out of work. I reached home and smiled at my mother and father, thanking them for all of the gifts they had given me. I didn't eat since I was going out with Haylie, Sky, Josh and Kaden. My parents knew that, and much to their distaste they didn't make food.I arrived at the restaurant, thankfully getting a ride from Kaden. I hopped out, excited for my birthday dinner. Kaden came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me, kissing my neck. "I'm so glad your happy," He muttered on my neck.I smiled and turned around, wrapping my arms around his neck, regardless we were in front of the restaurant. I peered up to him and then said, "I'm always happy around you." I didn't lie. I loved being around him. He always brought my spirits up."Yo, Lovie Dovies, let's go. Jesus. We don't have all day." Sky called, a smirk on her face. I loved her. I know I can't have favorite, but she was the funniest out of all of them. She was always the most daring and she made anyone feel happier that she was excited.I smiled over at her and said, "Damn, Sky, we're coming." I rolled my eyes with a playful smirk on my face. I hurried in the restaurant, my hand inside Kaden's. I looked around the nice Italian restaurant, my favorite.There were plush red seats, that had a golden rim around them. It was always warm, but the seats were sadly hard and rough. The restaurant was white, with red-rimmed at the top. I smiled at Josh and Sky. They two were dating, and more like best friends. They were so close you would mistake them best friends. And that? That was the best type of relationship.Kind of like, Jaden and I could have been. I guess..I shook my head, Jaden wouldn't invade my mind and ruin my day - because I let him. I looked around the restaurant with plates cluttering and friendly chatter of family. I looked back at Haylie who was talking to the waiter about the reservation.I looked up at Kaden and smiled as we were seated. I looked to the waiter and smiled. After few moments of staring at the entrees, I just decided on what I always got."Oh my god, we should bring her to a Chinese restaurant so she is forced to choose something else," Maylie retorted."Hey! Its good food!" I slammed back, a smirked at her."Whatever, Tee tee," She rolled her eyes. Smiling up at the waiter that had come once more to collect the orders. We had all ordered, our stomachs hungry for food."Tee, how's your job going?" Sky asked, making conversation."Great! My boss is really nice, its an awesome new job.""Aw, can we switch? My boss is a bitch!" Sky grumbled.I smiled at her, knowingly. Her and her boss used to date before she got the job. She applied before she knew he was the boss and they broke up a week later saying the relationship wasn't working okay.I looked down to my phone that had buzzed on the table. My smile instantly dropped when I saw the message."Happy birthday, my Tee Tee." the message read.Haylie, Josh, Kaden, and Sky looked at my as my face paled. "Theelia? Are you okay?"I looked up to them, my face still in shock. "No," I whispered. "Jaden said happy birthday." I whispered once more.