Losing Taurus Once More

  • A/N - Its shorter - sorry!January 2010Dear Diary,My hands held my phone, staring down at the message. I had waited for this for forever - well, more like six months and twenty days. I couldn't grasp this. He texted me. He texted me.Jaden Williams wished me happy seventeenth birthday at 9:28pm on Thursday, January 27th, 2010.This was real. I stared down at the message, as not a word was uttered at the table. Everyone knew how much I had missed Jaden. So much. I missed him, so, so much. Everyone knew how much he meant - means - to me.They all knew what effect this had on me. I made a decision - I would reply. The message was sent at 9:28pm and it was actually, 9:30, I had stared at the message for two straight minutes. Unaware of the stared I was getting from my friends, unaware of the hands trailing up and down on my back from Kaden. Unaware of anything other than this metallic hero in my hand.I looked down more. My thumbs circled over the screen, not yet touching it. What do I say? Thank you? Thank you - I miss you? Thank you, Jaden, love you? Love you? Miss you? Thanks?I didn't know! This was occupying my mind, and to me, nothing was more stressful than this exact moment, right now.My thumbs finally tapped on the screen, yet, I deleted over and over. By now, he was away from his phone - I had to think quick. I sent whatever first name to my mine - mind you, the stupidest thing.'Thank you, Jay. Miss you. :)' I sent, holding my breath until it sent. 'Miss you :)' really? Could I get any more sappy? Ag, I was so weird. I looked back up to meet the gaze of my fellow friends, Josh, Sky, and Haylie all looked at me with worried expressions.Why were they worried? I sent a smile their way and then looked up to Kaden, sending him another smile. He sent me back another and then kissed my lips gently. He mumbled something, but I didnt catch it - it was inaudible. It was a long sentence, something he couldn't tell me to my face.I smiled at him before my head looked over to a mouth watering smell that had wafted to their table. I smiled at it, and licked my lips. The food was set upon our table, and we all ate, chatting mindlessly about random things.Her phone buzzed in her pocket again, and he pulled it out - hoping it was Jaden. It was. Once more. It was him.He messaged her twice in one day.I looked down at the message and my eyes fitted across the screen.'I'm doing it all for a reason, Tee' his message read.I couldn't help but grow angry! I swore I felt an angry tear prickle my eye.'You didnt have to lie about it!' I shot back, rolling my eyes back up to my friends.****Jaden didn't reply, he didnt even read the message. Jaden always left read receipts on for her. He didnt read it. He didnt bother.Theelia's heart sunk - maybe she should have said anything about it. She slumped on her bed and glanced on her phone once more, hearing it ring I reached up to grab it."Hello?" Theelias voice said softly, ringing through the phone."Hey, babe!" Sky called back. "You looked depressed, we should go out. You and I."I scrunched my nose, "I don't know." I knew what she wanted - to go to a club. We were underaged, but we were all older looking and rarely used our IDs so we werent flagged or anything."Tee, you're so upset about Jay, you need to let go. Its all good, babe. We're here for you."I sighed, and nodded. "Yeah, okay" I complied."Yay, get dressed - I'll be there in a second." Sky replied, happily.I nodded and hung up. I dressed in a short black dress that fell before my knees. I applied a thin layer of makeup and grabbed my purse. I applied makeup and then hopped to her friends car. "FInally!" Sky exclaimed before driving off in the direction.I sighed, glancing down at my phone again. Jaden didn't reply and I felt upset. She sighed and looked over at Sky. "What did I do wrong?" I asked gently, still upset.Sky scowled, "Babe, you didnt do anything wrong - you have to stop thinking like that. Look we're here." She said.I didnt say anything - I didn't need to, I still felt hopeless and down. I tried to push that feeling away, deciding to lose myself tonight.I got a drink, the one I always received. and continued standing - downing it all. I got another, and another. Resulting to three drinks. I didnt know how much I really drank until I started to feel the effects. It felt good though, not to worry about Jaden and not to worry about anything but the man I was currently grinding on.He was a beautiful specimen, practically sculpted from god himself - and he didnt seem to him my grinding on him. In fact, he encouraged it, grinding on me as well.I giggled, bending all the way down, pressing my butt on him more. She continued gripping my waist and pulled me back to him - letting me know of his massive erection. I giggled up to him and turned around wrapping my arms around his neck, though one hand came down to his erection, kneading it."Its hugee," I giggled, continuing to knead it.He grinned down at me, and his bass voice whispering in my ear, "Wanna be sure?" He said seductively.Violent hands gripped me, and pulled me from him, pressing me into yet another chest, it was hard and I giggled."Yo, man, get of fucking girl," A voice growled out. I giggled and turned around once more, throwing my arms around the man and I said, "I loveee youuu!" I played along with the act, even though, at the time I really did love him due to the alcohol."Yes, Tee, I know." The voice called out."Jayyy!" I exclaimed, hopping up and wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. "I love you!" I giggled this time."I know, Tee. I love you too." He repeated again. It caused me to laugh. The male behind me surrendered and said that I had come on him. I didn pay much attention - and instead put my head in the crook of Jadens head. "Why are you heree?" I giggled, kissing his neck once, I wouldn't have normally done it - just I felt like doing it, I was intoxicated so I did it."I own this place, I know every time youre here underaged." He sighed, tsking me. I giggled but he added "I have to go Tee, happy birthday." He set me down, and I looked up.Leaving? No. Even intoxicated I knew what was happening. I grabbed him and I felt my eyes sting and I shook my head. "Jaden, pleasee don't leave me again." I pleaded but he only sighed."Tee, I have to. I'm sorry. I'll see you soon." He replied before leaving. I was left on the floor, high, and broken hearted.