Reflections In the Glass

  • This poem was created in the mid 90's to capture a sublime situation in the office. There was a glass window on my office door that when open against the wall to my right had a perfect line of site to the receptionists desk. Seemingly, every time I looked up, I would catch her looking into the glass at me, and when she noticed that she was caught, she jerked here head back to her work. Sometimes she would make subsequent jerking head moves to cover her previous head jerk as thought this was a normal thing for her. It was quite hilarious to watch. Having worked two offices separated by over hundred miles, I was slated for imminent transfer to the remote office, it became obvious when she unconsciously flinched when I would bring up a girl of interest from the remote office that she was head over heels falling.One day we all went down to the remote office for a company wide meeting. At the meeting I was approached by remote girl to sit with her, which I did. After that, local girl never spoke to me again and from that point forward she was purposefully icy. She did not even want to drive back in the same car the we rode together there in. That is not to say she did not affect me, she had a musicality to her voice that would melt any mans senses especially when she laughed. And her reflection in the glass seemed to have an almost angelic aura of light around it (when she wasn't looking).And yes she caught me looking one or six times (but unlike her I did not jerk my head and try to cover up). I confess I had thoughts of my own, but it wasn't right for reasons I won't mention other than to say that there were forces both pushing me and pulling me from that place and a definite and imminent final departure date. At 2:00 AM one night I awoke, and a poem came to me in its entirety (very rare), which I wrote down.This is what I presented her as a going away present on my last day there.Reflections in the glassWhat in life s game would not conceiveconspired the hand of fate to weavean image in a crystal poolset amidst an empty wallwould none repose of wise nor foolbut feign despond to bid thee wellwhen cast endearments unseen spellagainst a fortress high and stronga rain of joyful laughter fellfrom somewhere just beyondthe radiance of heavens lightbeset her being fair and brightand in random furtive moments glancedenchanted eyes in secret dancenow you see me, now I'm goneeach uttered not a word for chancethat either one was wrongand passions stormy sea enticedbetrayal beneath her broken icethat onward flame would ill survivewhat destiny would bring aliveand whom among the present sensedtwo spirits transcend loves defenseescape into their glass reflectionsto bask if for a hundredth secondin one the others oceanwere all so fair in love and warwould never chance to greet the shoreto breathe the kiss of evermoreobscured within her gazewhich wrought with dis-enamored hazeas fear comes hither, dons its maskthe daughter of estrangement castthen tolled the empty hourglassthe fortress flew the restless doveso far and off the rain has passedand echoes faint remembrance ofreflections in the glass