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The Caged Soul

  • The Caged Soulby, Seanna MarieLike a bird,Winged, yet grounded.Placed inside a gilded cage.She longs to fly.But to fly, she must first be free.Freedom, that ever elusive golden strand.Always dangling just out of reach.Time goes by as she carries on.Til her cage, once beautiful and bright,becomes a stone cold prison.Walls so high, the light of day cannot be seen.And dark of night is her only dream.Cold and alone she reaches on.That golden strand is almost gone. Hope is just a word, for she has none.How she longs to see the sun and soar through the sky, gliding high.And yet, she looks around and sees only dreams.Lost and alone, she can only scream.Fear, her constant companion,no-one else on which to lean.She lays down on her bed made of sorrow.No longer caring to hope for tomorrow.