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Blood, death and love (My first book)

  • Bio of my storyOrion:from the one of the royal clans. (name?) possible " Guardians of Rahne"He is from a planet similar to ours but their sun rays are different. The effects created changes in their chemistry makeup when came to Earth.On their planet they could walk in the day although the rays did not have ultraviolet like ours did and their sun was darker.He drinks the blood from humans but it's only necessary every few weeks. The older the Vamp the stronger and requires less time feeding. Humans can be turned into Vamps only by ancient and the rune of destiny ( A stone of power from Orions planet and held by his family for over a million years) It is also rumored that somewhere in the ten thousand years that the original Zartarians bred with humans and this is what has caused more physically strong and superior humans.(Vamp but came from a planet called Zartania) The ancient ones are Zartarians.One of the first or ancient ones, He came to earth over five thousand years ago with around 300 hundred others.He is immortal. He has the ability to transform into whatever form he chooses, but can only hold that form for 24 hours. Description: Has crystal blue eyes (very stunning and not human looking slightly elongated) and black hair, long..runs down his back. A white streak runs to the right..but he looks to be 30ish..but his ears are slightly pointed and his age timeless.. his eyes show wisdom and intelligence.6 ft 4..sleek like a predator.. a panther..he moves stealthy. The JarKar's are a branch of Vampires that have broken with the laws that once governed them.Alastair Jajal had been on Orions original counsel back on their planet, but had always been wanting to stretch the rules to his own benfit and to suit his own purpose. The rules are protect our people as well as us.Immersing themselves in the dark power than all Zartarians possess they care little for humans. They consider them food and or beneath them and they needed to be ruled and governed.Not using the rune of destiny they bring over mortals to become blood thirsty evil creatures who obey their masters and care not or value life. Over the centuries these two fractions have grown in the richness of Terran soil. But the earth too was going through changes. Wars and evil mortals wanted to rule and they plunged the world into a war.Not one to miss any chances to grow his own kingdom, Alastair had spies infiltrate the mortals government and plant his own seeds of destruction. Another interesting turn was the mortals. During the last several centuries many Zartarians bred with mortals, infusing within themselves the DNA to help turn the tables in the battle against the Guardians of Rahne and the Clan of JarKar. Both needed the allies that this super race could bring to their fraction.But the mortals too didn't trust either side. Almost equal in speed and power three races fight for freedom and control. Who will be victorious?