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Chapter 1

  • The Rune of my Destiny part 1Orion opened his eyes and rises from his slumber, just the same as he had for the last three thousand years, with determination. Awareness crept into his mind, and with a sudden blast of his power, and he throws out his senses. A through sweep of the surrounding area and the dwelling which he took refuge for the day assured that the area was cleared. His hands started to move of ease as he removes the weaves of protection he had woven just before daybreak and rises with a slight glow emanating from his body. The shield he had created fell away from around him, and he appeared as if he had been invisible. Which he had been, for any who would have ventured into the small building. Throughout the building he had also placed several silent alarms that would have woke him instantly had someone or thing entered. He continued to scan around him, as he slowly and smoothly makes his way through. His movements almost gliding across the dirt and debris floor of the old building. Once it had been a factory of some sort, but had long been abandoned.He continues to walk, and pushes open the steel door. The loud creak of the door seemed to echo throughout the darkness of the night. Still scanning the area, he stops and takes a deep breath then steps out of the building. The night was quiet. No sounds of crickets or night creatures could be heard. He hadn't heard them in several years. They hid now mostly, even some of the lesser predators have taken to hunting during the day time. It was safer. The last couple hundred years this planet had gone through some very significant changes. His foot steps light and measured he moved with a stealthy, and deadly grace till he reached the top of the hill that over looks the valley below.A wind picks up and blows Orion's midnight waist length hair, and his eyes glow with a unearthly light of crystal blue fire. A pale white streak on the right side of his face, covers his eyes for the briefest of moments. Then flicks back as he scans the city in the distance. Eyes more enhanced than a mortal human's he picks up the slightest tremor or movement. He was hunting tonight, and a certain prey who had information that was vital to his people was currently waiting for him. With a wave of his hand, magic flows around him as a cloud of invisible mist settles over his sleek muscular frame. At six foot four, he moved with a stealthiness than was very similar to that of a great jungle cat. Silent and with a deadly calm, his speed so fast, one could only detect the slightest of movements in the air around them. Most would pay it little heed, until the predator pounced.As he enters the city the streets were calm, and somewhat eerie in the lack of the normal night sounds. The rustle of a unwanted piece of paper or the moan of a building settling was all that was heard. Still keeping his cloak of invisibility around him but slows his speed down and carefully makes his way to the location of the meeting. Stopping suddenly and going completely still under the soft glow of a streetlamp.A tingle of awareness runs over his skin as his hand automatically reaches for his blade. Someone was watching him, which meant they could see though his shields. Curious and immediately throwing out his sensors he hits a brick wall and steps back. The force almost pushing him back in defiance at his obvious intrusion. Squinting into an alley up head, he catches a flash of light, and a movement quick and agile as it scales the building and then disappears from view across the roof in front of him. Who or what had been observing him was gone now, he could no longer detect their presence. With a final glance at the building and a quick scan he turned and continued to his destination and the informant. He didn't have the time for investigating what had tried to probe him along with him probing back. For the briefest of moments, though the stench of the City was the most prominent of smells, he could have swore he caught the scent of jasmine. Sinjin leaped effortlessly over the next building, her other two scouts directly behind her and keeping their silence. She was very glad for the small reprieve because her mind was in a whirlwind. One of them was here in the City. Not just anyone of them either, but a fricken pure Zartanian. Didn't they have enough with the they had to deal with them? Her heart pounded loudly as she could see him clearly, his invisible barrier making him glow like a beautiful dark angel. Looking over her shoulder she lets out a mental command. ~ Move your asses.. Now! ~ Putting on a burst of speed as she leaps the next building with a feeling everything she knew was going to be changing. Shit was gonna be hitting the fan. Walking into the building, eyes scanning every corner Orion senses were on high as he moves further into the dark bar. Music thumped out a rhythm as whispers coming from hidden faces scooted further into their corners. They sensed possible danger and they wanted no part of the stranger in their mists. The weave of protection and also disorientation would confuse any would be threat to him. A pair of eyes bore into Orion and he felt the unnatural pattern and knew his contact was near. He felt the creatures unease and irritation, and just under it's skin anger. " It's about time you showed up, Zartarian." he spat out the words on a growl. " The danger to myself if I'm discovered, would mean certain death" " You have been dead, creature from the moment you were reborn without the rune of destiny to guide you." Orion's eyes glow and his hand tightens on his blade strapped his chest. " Bah, enough pleasantries old one. I neither have the time or patience to listen to your ineffective words." With blurring speed the creature was pinned to the wall behind him, a lethal blade pressed to his throat. " Vampire, you are lucky that I need you information " Orion pressed a little harder, his eyes a swirling crystal of blue fire and power. " Speak or I will sever your head, before you even twitch and pour my fire down your throat" Orion stepped back when acknowledgement flashed in the vampires eyes and he released his throat. Blade still drawn, and a glow still evident in his eyes and certain retribution. " Those mortals you seek along with our King Alastair.. they are here in this city. Rotten bastards killed four of us just last week." Rubbing his neck, the feel of the Zartarian's blade making his anger rise, yet he watched to see if the male gave away any reaction. A slight flicker of something registered briefly, then was gone. Once again replaced by a mask of coolness and detachment. Carl 's lips curled slightly at the contempt he felt. He hated this deal, but, it was a small price to pay. He had his own agenda. Carl had never been much in his mortal life and now in this form, yeah he might be a Vampire but at least he had strength and power. And a plan.