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  • Someone posted a picture of Autumn leaves falling on the ground.I had to write about it. This is first draft. No edits. Feel free tocomment. It needs a smoother transition at the end. And this was written on my iPhone so the breaks are not as originally written. Autumn. She lays upon the Autumn forest floor dreaming dreams of hope.Her pale skin is a beacon amongst the dark underbrush. She sings songs within her dreams that glides upon the night winds. The whispering scents of autumn blows gently through her hair. Her eyes flutter open as she nears the songs end.Hoping with all she has that he would appear before her again. He lays upon the war torn grounds dreaming dreams of her. His blood leaching out a stain to mark his resting place. He whispers hopes up to the heavens the he might see her once again. The gentle arms of the Angel cradles his soul to her bosom. His eyes flutter shut as his breathing slows its pace. He feels his soul lift up above to sail upon the clouds. Her love beats out a rhythm of love so strong, so sure and true.She feels her heart contract so tight she knows he's coming soon. This time when he comes home she will not make a fuss. Just cook and clean and love him often in between. She feels a tug upon her heart. Her breath she pulls into her soul. He is close upon her now she can almost touch his soul. There upon the wind he glides nearer to his home. The Angel rides him upon her giant wings to seek his love on the forest floor.The pain is gone he knows not where. But this he knows for sure, his lady love will keep him safe until his time is done. She rises to her feet quite quick as the wind doth herald his approach. The Angel touches softly to the ground so precious is her freight. She stands aside to watch love abide. What is this she must know. He sees his love, his lady at last. Beside the tree they birthed so long ago. Upon her sight of him her tears do rip from her heart. Please no! Do not approach, for this I don't accept. My life, my love, we made a vow you promised to come home. His arms surround her, his kiss is light. He whispers in her ear. I am only here a bit my love for you are all I need. The tears they wrought upon the ground seeps into the forests heart. All the creatures great and small weep great sorrow ever more. The Angel comes to understand this thing we humans call love and home. The Angel picks him up and whisks him away to where the lady does not know. He lays upon the worn torn grounds his bleeding trickles slow. He dreams a dream if his sweet love as she lay upon the forest floor. She lays upon the forest floor. So peaceful is the sound. The music of the wind brings peace into her bones. The crackling of twigs she does hear bring her attention quick. Up upon her haunches she takes her scabbard sword. And peers into the forest for the intruder upon her home. His feet glide upon the earthen floor. His step so quick and light. For on this day his life was saved by an Angel who learned of love. There she stands so proud and brave, his Female Warrior fare. Her eyes ablaze with fire as she catches a glimpse of her dream. There he stands so proud and sure, her lovely Warrior Male. There upon the forest floor they lay. With limbs a mix and Fro. Their hearts so near to bursting their eyes do passion blaze. Fingers locked in hard embrace and lips do thrash and graze. The Angel leaves this earthly world to go into her own. This day will be the day to share what humans seem to know. Love each day to your best. For this you do not know. This minute of this day will never gander to repeat. Make a memory out of each day so you will never be alone. These two will not forget too soon how quickly life does part. So take advantage and love your love so you will always know.They wave goodbye to the Angel as she does depart above the sky. Thank you sweet Angel for the ride and then to bring me home. I am forever grateful that you did appear. The Angel smiles a gentle smile and tells them of her lore. For upon this day of days so right she was to find her home. Here in the deep forest are the two who loved just right to create an Angel amongst them. Her birth unto this world. I love you Mother and my Father. I could not but interfere. For if you had not come home warrior male I would not be to exist. The thanks to you my parents I would never discount or fail. Bless you and yours for now I have a home in Autumn upon the forest floor.