Harvest For the Soul

  • Harvest For The SoulSpider webs rise and fall with the gentle breeze. Yellow dying leaves fight their swirling death to the moist ground. The hummingbirds no longer suckle from their nectar. The light of day slips under the horizon a little quicker. Morning is slower to find its warmth from the sun. The call of the loon is louder as it searches for a mate. These are the thoughts that crossed my mind today. Sitting on the porch allowing the change of the season to enter my soul. To stir within my cobbled webbed mind that no matter these things that I see, feel and touch there is much more to this change. An awakening of my essence if you will so allow me to share. Today as the warmth of the sun was slight, I embraced her even more. I opened myself to her love and care she pores upon us each day. The dying of the leaves screamed at me to not forsake the coming of their death. But to rejoice in their death. To bear witness to all the shade and kindness from the heat they have provided. And to allow them their shining moment as they change colors. This is their screaming against their death. From green, to pale yellow, to orange and red and deepest purple. They scream their life and death at us. Do not forget what they have provided. And certainly remember in their death do they replenish the earth with their nourishment for springs eternal birth. The gentle breeze whispers to me of the coming coolness in the days ahead. The wind chimes come alive under his caressing touch. Flags fly with grandeur of attention as he lifts their life story for all to see. He brushes against my legs bringing chilled bumps to the surface. As he blows his breath through the trees, the birds still sing a mighty song. One of hope, of love and of pain. Their days of lighting upon the windowsill will be narrow as they try to stay warm as they nestle together in their little homes. As I opened my window this morning he kissed my brow reminding me to harken my body with blankets as the chill entered my bones. The sun was bright this day. Bringing with her a semblance of warmth. She worked hard this day to keep her fire stoked. But alas, she is weakened from her summer toils. Her biting heat only a memory. Today she offered what she had. A pure warmth to open the mind and cleanse the cobwebs in my soul. She now begins her decent over the horizon. Hanging on to the edges with her shafts of light. She gently whispers a good night with promises of tomorrow. Sitting here on my porch this day I was graced with a warm sun, a gentle breeze, birds singing their songs, a wind chime playing their tune. I watched with wonder as leaves disengaged themselves from their tree mother. Swirling in a kaleidoscope of color as they made their journey to the earth. At times a breeze would pick them up, lifting them up higher than they had ever been before. And then releasing them so they could finally alight upon the ground to take their last breath upon their resting place.Taking a deep breath I opened my soul to the day. I heard the fluttering of birds wings, listened to a felines purr at my feet. I felt the love of the sun upon the earth. And embraced the kisses of the breeze upon my body. Who am I that I am honored to be here? Who are we all who have this great vast awareness we take for granted each day? We are who we are. We are a part of this earth. We are a part of these things. We only need to stop. Stop and breathe. Stop and listen. Stop and look. Do not use your lungs to breathe. Do not use your ears to listen Do not use your eyes to see. Allow your soul to come and play. Clear the cobwebs from your soul. Allow the sun to wash away the dirt and the breeze to dry your spirit. I am refreshed. I am reborn. I am alive.