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Fighting the Darkness

  • I recently took a step back from FB in order to focus on my book. RL work reared its ugly and hungry head and I was buried for several weeks. Now that work has eased I am back to writing. Unfortunately, none of itis related to my book. I have learned to let the voices and the words have their way with me......The hissing wind pulls at my arms.I twist to and fro in vain. Looking down at my body I realize I am wrapped in spindly branches of a great tree.I pull and yank with futile attempts. They hold me closer and draw me towards the mighty trunk of the master. Nay, you will not pull me into the depths of your darkness. Nay, you will not block out my sun. Nay, I am not yours to behold. I tear and strip at the binds that hold me. I cry in angst at the beasts desire to draw me to his side. I draw power from the light of my passion. I find strength in the circle of mine friends. I pull my rapier of ink and battle the beast. Little by little the branches ease their grip. More and more I gain purchase in the fight against their master. I hasten my escape from the beast of the darkness. Fairy wings on my feet do speed my freedom. I reach for the sky with all that I am. Open hearts reach for me and I am gathered amongst the stars. Darkness will not devour me. My friends are my light. For they fight by my side to bring the beast to his knees. My pen is laden with ink. My heart swells with the voices who sing to my heart. I am at peace once again. I am stronger than before. I write the stories they share. The sun of words does shine on my face once more. I am free.