A Winters Eve

  • Hello my friends. Please do come in and sit with me a spell. Have a cup of hot cocoa while I tell you a story. Once upon a winters eve a man and woman looked to the heavens for guidance and hope. For you see, their child was missing. She had wondered off into the forest when playing with the family wolf. They had only looked away for a moment while kissing under the gentling light of the evening sky. Kraden and Lara were heartsick. You see, Gracie had followed Wolfie into the forest. Neither were anywhere in sight. They had called and called for Gracie. Whistled for Wolfie in the hopes he would return with Gracie. No whisper of sound, and no sight to see. Gracie and Wolfie were gone. Disappeared without a single foot or paw print in the snow. Now I must interject here for a moment. For although Kraden and Lara liked to think Gracie was a child, in all honesty, Gracie was a young woman. Fully in her prime. Her parents had hidden her and protected her for all of her 24 years. You must understand, Gracie had majik in her soul. A majik that scared her parents. It wasn't bad majik, (at least they didn't think so). They simply didn't know what to do with the child, and were fearful others would reject her. So they hid her. Kept her to themselves. And they treated her the same now, as they had when she was a small child. They didn't talk about her majik. They never told her where her majik came from or what her majik could do. They only told her that it was a secret. One she was to never share with anyone. She had led a quiet life. She grew up without others to play with. Her schooling was done by her Mom at home. And her only companion these last few months had been Wolfie. OK, on with the story. Through the woods, over a creek, and down a hill, Gracie and Wolfie traveled. They had walked over a fallen tree to cross the icy water of the creek. Gracie held onto Wolfie's coat as they slid down a hill. All the while listening closely to the male voice that called to them. A gentle voice with a coaxing story he had weaved. He filled their heads with promises of music to dance to, a warm fire to keep them warm, and a promise to tell them about her majik. "Gracie, come to me this night. Bring your companion with you. Here by my side, I will share with you all the wonders of the universe. It is time for you to know about your majik." In all honesty, they had been hearing his voice for several weeks now. Always at night. Always when Gracie and Wolfie were alone. Her in her bed, Wolfie by her side. She knew Wolfie heard the voice. His ears were always laid back, and he stared at her with great intent. They lay there listening to this warm voice. A voice that melted her heart. A voice that made her think wicked, delicious things that a woman thinks about a man. She stroked her hand over Wolfie's coat. "I'm being silly Wolfie my love. How can a voice make me quiver so?" Of course Wolfie didn't answer her. Now, out in the cold darkening night, Gracie pulled her coat tight around her. She was thankful she had her favorite scarf wrapped around her. Her gloves were fleece lined and her boots came up to her knees. The cold however, still bit at her nose. The rest of her was warm and toastie. Well, not really, but it sounds good, right? Wolfie slowed his steps to keep pace beside Gracie. His winter coat was thick with layers of undercoating. He loved the colder weather. Loved to romp in the woods, run down the big hill by the church, and jump back and forth across the creek. His big paws crunched in the snow. His black muzzle sniffed the air as if he knew there was something special ahead. His green eyes bored into forest looking for obstacles in their path. Often looking up to Gracie, as if making sure she wanted to keep moving forward. Gracie had always told Wolfie stories during their walks. Stories of love, trust, and faith. Lately her stories had taken on a different tone. Stories of kisses, embraces and passion were now the highlight of her tales. Emboldened by their nightly visitor, she now shared her most secret desires with Wolfie. Tonight was different yet again. Gracie didn't speak a word. Wolfie didn't growl or howl. Both silent, almost soldier like, they walked a crisp pace down a path they had never traveled before. There was a determination in their adventure. They had to get to the man who had made a promise to tell Gracie about her majik. Now in the cold of the winters night, several miles from home, Gracie looked up to the night sky. Almost wishing she had not ventured into the forest. Yet knowing she had to follow her heart. Peeking through the bared branches of the trees, the stars and moon laid a path kissed with their light. Her heart skipped a happy beat as she allowed her imagination to tell her this light was "his" way to bring her home. "Wolfie, I am so cold. I am getting tired. Do you think we are getting close?" She laughed, "I know sweet love that you can't answer me. But I sure wish you could."Hours upon hours of walking, Gracie and Wolfie continued. Wolfie used his muzzle to nudge her down the path, begging her to keep moving. As the night wore on, Gracie came to realize her folly in pursuing the voice. "Oh Momma, I wish I had not left you and Poppy. I am sorry I did not say goodbye." Tears dripped off her eyes, and froze on her cheeks. As she wiped them away they fell upon the forest floor.Gracie stopped at a huge tree. "Wolfie, I need to rest a while. Just a short while."The tree was massive. It's roots bulged out of the ground. Their twists and layers of roots over roots created deep caverns at its base. Crawling into one of the caverns, Gracie called for Wolfie to join her. Wolfie squeezed in beside her. They nestled together in the dark of the night. "Oh Wolfie, what have I done?" Wolfie lays his head in her lap and together they fell asleep. The tears Gracie had brushed onto the forest floor had seeped into the ground. Their telling tale of sadness and fear crept into the heart of Mother Nature. In her wisdom for all that is good and fair, Mother sent the animals of the forest to watch over Gracie and Wolfie as they rested in the cold night. Before I finish the story, please join me in filling our plates from the banquet of food I have prepared for you. Then we can move into the den and sit by the fire. There I will tell you how Gracie and Wolfie found their way home. Now, where were we? Oh, yes, Gracie and Wolfie had taken refuge in a tree and had fallen asleep deep in the roots of the great tree. Mother Nature had sent all the animals of the forest to watch over them so they could rest in peace..Gracie was dreaming of warm hands caressing her face and the sound of a gentle voice. "Gracie, wake up my love. Wake up Gracie." Not wanting the dream to end, Gracie pulled away from the light, groaned in her sleep and twisted to and fro. "Oh my sweet Gracie, you are safe here with me. You only have to wake up."Stretching her arms over her head, she slowly opened her eyes. Quickly realizing she is not in her own bed, she became fearful. She reached for Wolfie, but he was not by her side. "Where? Wolfie?", she whispered. Sitting up from the soft couch, she looked around the room. A nice blaze was in the fireplace, two overstuffed chairs on either side, a dim lamp lit in the corner casted soft shadows. Definitely, not home, but nice all the same. The last she remembered, her and Wolfie had fallen asleep in the tree. "Hello?" Standing up she noticed her coat, scarf, gloves and boots have been removed. Although still completely dressed, sans boots, her fear ratcheted up another notch.She called out again, "Hello, is anyone here?" Wolfie! Come to me Wolfie!" Looking around the room she finds little evidence of the occupants. A few pictures of people on the walls. Most are of a man and woman with a young boy. Other pictures tell the story of the boy as he grew up to be quite a handsome man. Another other picture showeed a home in the forest with a man playing in the snow. And there beside him was a wolf. "Wolfie!" Peering closer she realized it is indeed her Wolfie in the picture. "Wolfie, do you belong to this man?" Her body trembled as she fretted that she would lose her Wolfie to this man. And where was her Wolfie, she asked herself. Finding her coat and boots, she quickly put them on. Maybe Wolfie was outside. Just as she was about to step outside, the door opened. In walked a man. A very large man! He was carrying firewood and walking beside him was Wolfie. Gracie stepped back and back until her legs hit a chair. She plopped down, not saying anything just looking between the man and her Wolfie. "Hello Gracie."HIS voice! Out of the man came HIS voice! "Hello.", she squeaked. "Who are you?" "Wolfie come here." Immediately Wolfie came to her side. Laying his head on her lap. The man put the firewood down and turned to Gracie. "Gracie, I am so thankful to God you came to me. I have been looking for you for such a long time. "Me? You have been looking for me? Who are you?""Yes introductions are necessary are they not.", he says as he came to kneel in front of Grace. He petted Wolfie, then took her hands in his. She looked at him, noticing the strong chin, full lips, gentle smile, and his eyes. Oh his eyes were divine. Green. The green of spring. The green of hope. With one hand he took a strand of hair and tucked it behind her ear. "Dear Gracie, I made you a promise to tell you about your majik. I will always keep my promises. Wolfie, please go and rest by the fire as I share with Gracie her story." Wolfie looked first at the man and then at Gracie. He waited until Gracie nodded her head that it was okay to leave her side. Then he padded over by the fire and promptly went to sleep. Gracie was nervous having the man so close to her. Never in her life had she been alone with a man. But there was something about this man. This man drew her to him. She felt a peace in her soul. Like a piece of her had come home. Gently stroking the tops of her hands with his, he began to tell her about her self. About how she was filled with majik that was meant to do good in the world. As his story continued, Gracie felt a warming sensation in her hands, then up her arms, and taking over her entire body. "A long, long time ago there was this man and woman, who loved each other very much. With their love, came forth a child. Their little boy grew up in the forest with special friends in all the animals of the forest. He grew up being told the stories of a very special little girl who was being created just for him. He use to laugh at the stories because well, you know, little boys think girls have cooties." Gracie still staring at this man, laughed a little. Her fear seeping out of her bones. She began to relax. We are nearing the end so listen close...."Over the years the little boy began to wonder what this little girl was like. Did she like to play in the snow, slide down the hills, like he did? Did she have many friends?" A painful look came across his face. "The little boy had no friends except the animals in the forest. As he continued to grow up, he prayed to God that one day he might meet the girl that was made for him. And then one day, the most horrible thing happened." Clearing this throat, "His parents, well, his parents died."Gracie gasped. She couldn't imagine her life with her parents. The man continued. "He was heartbroken and didn't know how he would live without them. But he believed in God. And believed his parents were now his guardian angels. So he prayed. He prayed every night. Prayed he would grow into the man they had hoped he would become. He prayed he wouldn't have to live his life alone. He is now a grown man. Living in the forest and still dreaming and praying for his girl. And one night, a few months ago, when sitting on his porch a wolf approached him.""Wolfie?", she whispered. "Yes Wolfie." He responded. "In the deep of the night, Wolfie and the man would lay in bed listening to a voice telling us about this girl. How she needed us and was waiting for us to find her. He began to dream of you, Gracie. Of your voice, of you face, of your heart. He could hear you praying at night. Praying for a man who could love you as you are. A man who could help you understand this majik you had been told about, but never understood. With tears in her eyes Gracie urged him to sit beside her and picked up where the story where the man had stopped. "I prayed so many times for the boy my parents had told me about. A boy who God had created just for me. Someone who would love to play in the snow, and roll down the hills. Someone who would love the animals in the forest as I did." Never taking her eyes off of the man, "I prayed for someone who would hold my heart and laugh with me through life. Wolfie also came to me a few months ago. He would lay beside me and together we would hear a voice. A mans voice who told me how he was waiting for me. How I was created for him and he was created for me. "You," she stuttered, "you have his voice. You are him. You are the boy in my dreams, you are the boy who grew up in the forest, you are the boy whose parents died." Gracie wasn't really asking, she was just confirming what she already knew in her heart. "You are Aiden. My Aiden. In my prayers, in my dreams, the man God made for me is you." Her hand gently stroked his face. Feeling the texture of his beard stubble, feeling his lips grow into a smile. The crinklies around his eyes, showed her how often he smiled. "Yes Gracie, I am that man. I am Aiden. I was created for you as you were for me. Tonight I heard the voice beckoning me to the great tree in the forest. Wolfie was on my porch howling for me to follow him. There amongst the roots I found you sleeping. It was Wolfie who finally brought us together." Upon hearing his name, Wolfie came over to the couple, stared at them for a minute, nodded his head and padded into the kitchen. Aiden and Gracie sat in stunned silence for a moment, then heard a noise from the kitchen. Standing up they were further stunned as a man entered from the kitchen eating a piece of cake. "Finally you two are together. Do you know how hard it was to be at both places at the same time?" Standing in front of them was their Wolfie. "Wolfie?" They exclaimed together. "Yes, I am Wolfie. Although my real name is Dre-ams. God sent me here to help you two find each other. Your prayers were heard by the Angels and they took your plea up the chain until HE himself took counsel with the Angels. I was sent to help you know that your majik is really your love. Your love for God, your love for your family, your love for nature. Your love is so bright you pierced the gates of heaven. We had to help you. We had to see that you found each other. I have to say though I am a bit glad to be out of the body of that Wolf." Dre-ams, smiled, set down the plate of crumbs and took their hands, placing them together. "Here before you is your future. What you make of it, is all up to you. You can live here in peace and tranquility. You can go forth into the world brining your love of life for others to see. It truly is up to you. For now I must go. There are others out there who need each other." Turning to Aiden, "Aiden, take our Gracie in your heart and soul. Make her only unto you this day and always. Keep her safe in your arms and always make her first only after God." Then turning to Gracie, "My precious Gracie, I will miss you very much. Aiden will be your guide in this life. Lean on him, take care of him. Stand beside him when you can and in front of him when its called for. Hold your heart true only to him after God." Once again placing their hands together. "There is much for you to do in this life. There are many adventures to be lived. There are children who are waiting to be born unto you. If you ever truly need me, I am only a prayer away." And with that Wolfie aka Dre-ams walked out the front door. Gracie and Aiden rushed to the door. Standing on the porch watching the snow fall, a beam of light from the stars above lit a path where Wolfie stood. Howling up to the moon, looking back one last time, Wolfie then ran into the forest. Aiden and Gracie face each other. Holding hands their words are spoken in unison. "Glory be to God. Glory be to the Angels he sent. Glory be to Wolfie." They look into each other's eyes and share their first kiss. A kiss that is only the first one of thousands they will share under the light of God above. I know what you are all thinking.... That's it. That's where you are going to leave it?Yes, indeed I am. For with this little story, I am hoping you will look at who is next to you. Whether that be in person or in your heart. Fill in the blanks all on your own. Light your own passion in this world. Walk your own path. Slide down your own hills with laughter and fun. This is my Christmas wish for you all. God Bless and Merry Christmas.