• NIGHT SENSESCome my friends and take this journey with me....The winds blow across my brow, cooling my fevered need. I stare up at the stars, wondering if you are gazing upon the same ones. My hand reaches out to feel the breeze against my palm. It is warm and inviting, yet empty of substance. Lying back against my chair, I close my eyes and listen to the night sounds. Crickets scratch their legs together in a symphony. A night loon calls for its mate. The rustle of the underbrush as a rodent scurries by. Can you hear the sounds? I breathe deep and allow my mind to stop its frantic jumble of thoughts. The scents of the hyacinth and lavender are strong in my nostrils. There is a sharp crispness to the air tonight. Reminds me of lemon zest.An underlying scent of grass and dirt mingle nicely as sharp spices. Can you smell the scents? Opening my eyes I stare at the deep darkness of night. As my eyes adjust, I can make out the outline of the trees swaying in the wind. There, right there, on the edge of the field, is the first glimpse of the moon. Crawling up the horizon to make it presence known. I search the sky for our stars. Tightly grouped together, huddled to stay alight,they twinkle a soft lullaby. Can you visualize the sights? Reaching down I pull the petals off a rose bloom. Its velvety smooth texture crushes under my fingers. Another one, I hold with crystal gentleness. Its soft, like an angels wings.A tingling sensation on my arm advertises a tiny little bug trying to find its way home. My feet stretch against the confines of my shoes. Freeing my feet, my toes wiggle in delight.Can you feel the sensation? My tongue darts out to taste the cherry blossom lip balm I favor. Taking a drink from my glass, the red wine tickles my taste buds. Picking up a slice of pineapple, its juices drip down my hand. Licking my fingers its succulent juices contract my tongue.Can you taste the flavors?One more, and to sleep we will go. My heart has relaxed in its protective cage. A calm beat to match the night. My mind wanders along the winds. Hoping to catch a ride to be by his side. As my eyes close in comforted bliss, his image is clear and strong. Here amongstthe night senses he is by my side. Sleep well my friends. I hope this little journey brings you peace.