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Dream Of Me

  • In the dead of the night when you are alone fear not for I am here. See me not, but feel the vibrations of my heart stir the blanket upon your shoulder. As you dream of white clouds and blue skies, I whisper words into the sand mans essence that he will guide you across time and space. I am but a membrane of reality away. My hand glides over your face. You feel me not. If only you could cross the divide between our worlds. I yearn for the acknowledgment of me in your eyes. Somewhere in this vast universe our souls will once again meet. There upon a midnights dream I ride my steed to higher ground. Maybe here you will see me. Again I try. I sing the songs of wistful notes. Maybe now you can hear me. I cry the tears of a woman unloved. Maybe now you can feel me. I kiss the grapes upon which you feed. Maybe now you can taste me. You remain untouched by my attempts. You know not of my existence. You are so close. And never could you be further from me. Yes I am there. Here. I am in your dream. Finally. Sleep well my love. Dream your dreams of white clouds and blue skies. Dream of a woman walking to you beside her steed, she sings songs of love, and cries tears of hope.Eat the grapes she offers as you sit beneath the sycamore trees. Hold her hand, and kiss her lips. Yes, my love for now your dreams are all we have. Dream of me. Dream of me. Please my love. Dream of me.