Beyond The Hill

  • What lies beyond the hill we can only imagine. It is said that joy and happiness fills the homes. That love abounds in everyone you meet.That peace and comfort is the daily bread.No hunger, no pain, no anger or jealousy lives. Beyond the hill. What a joyous place it must be.What laughter and smiles we might find. Warmth and caring friends await us. Embraces and tears of thankfulness are there.Beyond the hill. The dirt and grim of war now fills our land. Children are parentless and parents are childless. Sickness and pain blankets ours souls Loneliness and longing is our constant companion. We seek peace and comfort in your mighty arms. We ask you to forgive us for what we have forgotten. We listen as you tell us your stories of faith and hope. And finally you lay to rest, there beyond the hill. To those who have served and given their all, I thank you. To those who have yet to go beyond the hill, I pray for your peace and comfort. God Bless You All.