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I Don't Know Anymore.

  • I don't know anymore.....You made promises you now can't keep.You made me laugh but now I weep.You kept me close but now push me away. You loved me well but now.... I don't know anymore. I made a promise I would gladly keep.I made you laugh but now you turn away.I held your heart, but you took it back. I loved you well but it wasn't enough. You changed the rules of our love affair.But gave no notice when you shut the door.I'm left standing striped bare to the bone.My heart is shredded upon our floor. Where does our future lay?Can we compromise and stay?Can we laugh again without the tears?Can we share our heart in the way you want?Can we love each other inside your box? I don't know what steps to take.Do I run into your arms or turn the other way?Is it time to walk away? Or is it time to stay and fight?What ever happened to our burning light? I don't know anymore.