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~Daylight In The Dark~

  • Looking up at the midnight sky, I pick out a star and move my soul to sit on a tip. The hard edge cuts into my butt as I watch below at the people moving about. The light of the star keeps me warm as I waste another night looking for daylight. Somewhere out there you are suffering. Where are you I wonder? Are you that one or maybe this one? Or maybe you’re the one over by the tree, or riding in that car? You are there somewhere. It is my job to find you and help you. I will. I promise. Your nightly visits to me are becoming darker still. You need me but you won’t allow me to help. I hear the voices of others who are calling out for my help. I turn down their volume, shrugging my shoulders. I cannot focus on anyone until you are found. Why do you call upon me and then leave me alone? You must know who I am, or you could not pull me into your darkness. Jumping on a cloud I ride further into the night. Leaping from one cloud to another, I hope to find you inside. For each cloud is but a dream floating through time. I peak in one and then another. A unicorn flies by with a little girl happily riding. Another cloud hides the passion of two lovers yet to meet. And yet another cloud buries the pain of loss not yet realized. About to give up my search for the night, a raven alights on my shoulder to tell me of one more cloud that cries in silence. Following his path, I land lightly on the darkest cloud I have ever seen. There is growling, and lightening, and rolling in the center. Even the lining of the cloud has turned black from the pain. Peering inside, all I can see is blackness. The air is bitter cold, yet scorches my feet. Oh this must be you. This must be. Hello, hello, I call out. I am here, I scream. Silence. The cloud no longer rumbles and growls. It is still. No movement, no sound. Nothing. I am falling. Falling through the cloud. You have let me go again. I found my way to you and you have denied me my right to help you. Fluttering my soul back into my body, I walk dejectedly away. Knowing there is daylight in the darkness if only you would allow me to show you the way.