• After allowing her fangs, to sink into the younger Salvatore and falling back from the vervain, everything going according to plan so all including Klaus would think she had died in a church full of vampires. After she had been weakened by the vervain and the men had put her in shackles and carried her off to the trailer, locking her in the back as they headed for the church, she groaned quietly hoping everything continued to go as it was supposed to. Soon but, too soon, the carriage came to a halt. Stefan and Damon had gotten her out and started to untie her. Furious at them both she laid still needing to be tied if she fled and it was known about she was as good as dead. Two gun shots rang through the air, one shortly after the first. Stefan and Damon fell to their death, but not exactly, since she had been feeding them both her blood just incase. Being hauled back into the trailer as she stared at the lifeless bodies for the time being, she swallowed hard and looked the other way. As soon as all the men had left and the church was set ablaze, she waited in a corner watching the flames surround her inch by inch, closer and closer, beginning to leave some welts on her. At that time, George came through the door and helped her out of the ropes, inturn she sped out of the church with her arm around his waist, still needing to keep good on her part of the deal. Giving him the moonstone and warning him about the consequences if he crossed her in anyway, she waited until he was headed to the carriage and ran back to where Stefan and Damon had been. In her own strange way, she had loved them both. Most had thought she had promised Stefan they would be together again, when inturn all she had promised was that she was sorry. Hearing something snag in the bushes, her head shot up. Seeing a movement she went into the thicket inspecting it. Hearing George say they needed to go, she got in the carriage reluctantly and fell asleep as the carriage rocked back and fourth over the bumpy road. Three hours had passed, when she was woke softly by George. Showing her to the small cottage, and explaining no one came out this far she thanked him and sat on the porch for a bit after he left. It had not been how she had wanted either Salvatore to be turned. Rubbing her temples, one hand went behind her, and sifted around undoing her corset abit. Hearing a noise not far, she tilted her head and stood up walking towards the edge of the small property. She hoped against all odds that it was not Klaus or one he had sent after her. ''Show yourself. I've no time for hide and seek.'' She said rolling her eyes irritably. ''Now, the girl I once knew, would keep me out for hours as a child playing that bloody game. '' The voice rang through the silence causing her to pause and a slight shiver to go down her spine. '' You have the wrong girl.'' She said flatly unamused with the strangers game. ''Do I? Miss Petrova?'' The voice chimed all too smug as he stepped out of the brush. ''No one has called me Petrova in over... . a very long time.'' It had been true, her name had been Katherine Pierce for the past 300 plus years now. Giving him a long once over in his pirate get up and the hook on his hand, she knew she had to of known him some how. Looking back up studying his face again, she let her chocolate hues lock on his cerulean emeralds. ''Killian. . I should of known. Though Im stumped how a human has lived as long as you have? Care to elaborate on that?'' She hissed quietly, though part of her was more than happy to see him even though she had checked up on him through out the years when he had turned up in a few towns she had been hiding in with out him knowing she had kept an eye on him. ''Lets just say, I've a friend or two.. who dabbles in magic and leave it as complicated timing for now. '' He replied. Growing annoyed not getting a straight answer from him she glared at him crossing her arms over her torso. '' So, the boys that died.. you loved them? Both?'' he asked, clearly judging her. ''Matter of fact, I did.. at least I dont go around claiming someone to be my first love, when we both knew that was me. '' '' How did you know about Mila?'' he asked returning her glare. ''You checked on me? And didn't bother to tell me you were alive? Might I ask what happened to our child?'' Looking at him instantly remembering the birth and her father not allowing her to be held, just given away. ''I never found her, she died. And you are one to talk. I know you have been following me the last month. If not longer. '' She snapped clearly mad. Though the look he had about hearing of the child dying at some point had been enough to make her heart sink and her eyes water. As much as she wanted comfort and could tell he did too, she could not allow it, for the sake of her life, and his. There was no denying, no child lived as long as these two had. ''Katerina I-'' Raising a hand she cut him off. ''No need.I understand.. and there is no chance for us, I'm turning in for the night. You would do best to just leave.'' Turning she headed inside and bolted the door shut behind her. Her past was creeping up on her as well as some overwhelming unresolved feelings. If she gave in and even attempted to get close to him, they would both die and she couldn't allow that.