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FS An Encounter

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    March 2, 2014 2:24 PM EST

    Chris was waiting at the airport for his cousin Ted to arrive. The plane was running late, as if that were a surprise. This day could probably go in the record books as not only the worst day of his life but also the strangest.

    While getting his coffee at McDonalds, the car behind him had bumped him just enough to make him spill it in his lap. The man was nice enough to come see if there was damage and as there was none, they had not exchanged info but he was an odd one. Something about the guy gave him the creeps. It wasn't like he threatened him, it was just the odd way the guy had stared at him.

    After that encounter, things just went downhill. Elevator not working; phones at the office went down; computer died - only his computer though of course; and his watch died - brand new Timex.

    Now here at the airport, waiting for the plane, he just couldn't shake the creepy feeling that things were about to happen. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement and briefly, just briefly, he thought he saw the man from McDonalds. He walked in the direction he thought the man was...