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Promoting Your Books in Blogs, Part 2

  • You may have a Wordpress or other blog that you are using to promote your work. That's a great tool to use and blogs index well with Google, Bing and other search engines provided you post good content. If you don't have a blog started, it's a good idea to either start one there or start writing some blogs here.

    We already have one tip for writing blogs here on Literary Social, that should help you to make some good blogs that get picked up by search engines. Why is that important? Because any blogs you make here, and elsewhere, with links to your books for sale will help your rankings in the search engines. This is important to get your links higher in search results.

    Since the goal is to get your work noticed and found on the internet, smart promoting is the name of the game. This tip deals with writing an effective blog post. First, when you make blogs, be sure to follow our first tips regarding length of the blog.

    Second, you want to make sure the content is unique. Google and other search engines hate duplicate content and will penalize those posts by not including them in the search results and this will hurt your promotional efforts. You can copy your post from one site and paste on another one but you need to change each new post some, in order to avoid issues with the search engines.

    Include hashtags at the bottom of your blog here or in the content of it. Why? Because Google is now using hashtags in Google+ and so their Google bots will pick up the hashtags and index those faster, further boosting your rankings. You will see a hashtag example at the bottom of this blog as an example. Try to make one word hashtags as those work best. Just don't go overboard with too many.

    Once your blog is done and submitted, use our buffer button to post it to facebook/twitter/google/linkedin. Buffer is found at the bottom of just about everything on our site that can be shared. We like to use this method as it has stats to see how many people viewed your shared item and also, you can put stuff in your buffer to share at timed intervals. Timing your tweets/shares/etc really does help to space them out and can make you look more active throughout the day as opposed to massive posts all at once.