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April is National Poetry Month

  • National Poetry Month takes place during the month of April. We are a little late in our post but we would like to encourage everyone to write some poems! If you don't like to write them, feel free to enjoy the works of others.

    National Poetry month is a celebration of poetry and was started in 1996. It's meant to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry. As of now, it is only celebrated in the US and Canada but we would love to see it spread around the world so please share this and other posts you'll find online about this.

    For those of you that share some poems this month, please feel free to link them in comments. Please also put a hashtag of #poetry for your articles. If you feel better writing in blogs, feel free to do it that way. We would like them in the poetry section as it keeps the site neater but we also want our authors to fee comfortable sharing their writing. For the ones in the Poetry section, the hashtag isn't always picked up there but if you put it in a comment, it will pick that up.

    One thing we must ask though is to keep any public writings of General Audience viewing. Meaning, if you write erotica or things that couldn't be read in a church or professional environment, please keep those in your own private group, , or post in the Erotica group, . We need to keep the site's main area free from adult materials due to wanting to promote this site in search engines such as Google and also due to our host's policies.

    We hope you all have a great poetic month!