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Aubree Marie

  • (This was written for my niece, Aubree, as a Christmas present. I designed and printed them books as keepsakes, with custom "disney" fairy avatars of themselves to illustrate the scenes.)

    In far away Pixie Hollow, a land beautiful to see, lived a tiny little water fairy named Aubree Marie.

    Now Aubree Marie was pretty as can be, but she was spoiled….rotten you see.

    Baby Aubree played each day down by the river. And one day she saw just a tiny bitty sliver. A little stone, pink and pretty, tucked away under Tadpole City.

    Aubree screamed and cried, and pulled with all her might, but the water just rolled, and dragged it out of sight.Now Aubree didn't understand, never could, never would, and she kept yanking the water, stretching it tight.

    But to her shock, the water fought back, pulling from her hands with a loud scary *snap*.

    Aubree was shocked, and fell on her bottom, and watched in fear as river turned to column. “Oh no! Oh My! What have I done!???!”, Aubree cried as she jumped and took off at a run.

    The other fairies didn't understand, couldn't see, when little Aubree told them the water was high as the trees. Aubree stomped her foot, and flew in a tizzy, but had to stop when she made herself dizzy.

    Aubree Marie’s mom and her dad picked her up, and took her aside. They believed when she said what she’d done. They understood when she moaned, “The river’s no fun!”

    As water began flowing across the land, Tinkerbell took the littlest fairy’s hand. Kneeling down, so she could see, Tinkerbell whispered….”The magic word is please.”

    Head bowed, looking down to her knees, Aubree Marie whispered, “Will you help me, please?” Now even though she was quiet as can be, every fairy heard her precious little plea.

    All the fairies in all of Pixie Hollow took to the skies, and started to follow.

    And Aubree Marie, the tiniest of all, helped return all the water back to the falls.

    When it was done, Queen Clarion came over, and handed Aubree a wee little clover. Underneath, was a tiny pink stone….this one she could call her very special own.

    So Aubree Marie, as pretty as can be, learned how good it can be to say “Pretty Please”.