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Promoting Your Books in Blogs

  • It's great that you can and want to promote your books here but a few tips to help you get better promotions.

    When you make a blog or forum thread for a promotion, please put a synopsis of the book or work you have done so the blog is picked up by Google as their bots reject any that don't have about 100-150 words.

    This can be important as when google indexes it, it will not only index our blog but it will also index your link again which will boost it in the search engine listings. These sort of promotions are invaluable.

    Any blogs with at least 100 words describing the book/works (or at least a good paragraph) will also be Tweeted/posted to Facebook by us here. We use that Buffer button to share to Facebook/Twitter and our Google+ pages. That Buffer button, described here is really cool. It allows us, or you, to set dates and times for your twitter/fb/google/linkedin posts so that you don't end up annoying your followers with too many posts.

    We hope this helps you in promotion of your work.