Mistake Number One To Avoid

  • I've had a novel in the works for a few years. Had it up to I believe about 60,000 words. Since I've not published a novel, I decided about a year ago to enter it in a contest but I had to shorten it to 40,000 words.

    I edited it, taking out a lot of descriptive words, honing down the characters, etc, until I had it to the required 40,000 words. That part was not easy to do but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately, I lost my characters in the process. I lost the life of the story. I ended up not even submitting it as it just wasn't the same story.

    This wouldn't have been so tragic had I not made a horrible mistake. I accidentally saved over the main copy. :( Yeah I lost the novel so now I have to rewrite a lot of it.

    Tip # 1. Have a copy of your novel stored on a cd or external hard drive or someplace, even printed out, just in case something happens to the original.