Edwina C. Geach

  • I was looking for some lesser known authors to share and the first one I find interesting is Edwina C. Geach (b. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1870; d. New South Wales, 25 December 1905). How sad she died on Christmas. Of note, and equally sadder still is this quote from the linked blogspot:

    The allegory of the authoress seems to hint of suicide, as does the introductory note, which remarks of the “withdrawal” of her unique personality on Christmas morning of 1905.


    The passage from the book that they reference is:
    On Christmas morning, 1905, she passed away from the
    Mortalities, leaving but the earnest of that which she might
    have done. Those who knew her best are poorer for the with-
    drawal of an unique personality, and to such something of her
    elusive charm may be felt again in reading these fragments of
    her pen, and it may e'en be that something of her may also
    be felt in th*se few sketches by some who knew her not in life.


    I decided to read The Soul of the Ti-Tree and I like her writing.


    Centuries back, in the ti-tree groves dwelled a fair wood-
    maiden, slight and graceful of form. To and fro she moved
    amongst the fairies and pixies and sprites who inhabited the
    groves, and by all was s'he beloved, and to all went out her
    heart in return. And in the fulness of time the maiden was
    called to take her place amongst the children of men, and in
    the world of men she moved, and went hither and thither, and
    acted her part as a daughter of the world of men; but her heart
    was ever with her kinsmen of the ti-tree, and ever and anon she
    returned to them and passed up and down the aisles of the ti-
    tree by the seashore. And as she passed, the trees, feeling her
    presence, bent towards her, and would fain have called her
    back to them and have kept her amongst them, for they loved
    her. And the maiden, feeling their yearning and their caresses,
    gave them back love for love, with a love passionate and tender
    and undying, and the gnarled and twisted trunks were caressed,
    and held by her, as something sacred and holy. And, as time
    passed, the cry of the trees became stronger and stronger,
    until at last it could no longer be resisted, and the wood-
    maiden was fain to obey the call and to return once again to
    her own people. Regretfully and sadly she went, for amongst
    the people of the world were those whom she loved, and who
    had need of her and loved her. But the call of the trees was
    too urgent, and she went, as her way led, back to the peoples
    of the tree world. After her departure there were found cer-
    tain writings, which she had made about the world that is in
    the midst of the ti-tree, and about the world that is the
    world of men, and about the world that was in the centre of
    her own being. These writings, coming from the heart of a
    woman, true and tender and compassionate, are now made into
    a book, so that they may be read by those who knew her and
    Joved her, and by those who, loving the trees and the earth
    and the sea, would also have loved this maiden from the land
    of the ti-tree had their paths crossed hers.


    If you like fantasy and mythical sort of stories, you should read her works. She did a few more stories than what are in that book. You can find a good listing of them here .

    If you read any of the stories or poems in the linked book, post your thoughts either in a comment or write a forum post about it or another blog perhaps. Read Her Hands and see if you don't feel emotion at even such a short story, how she stirred the emotions! An Elfin Land will take you to that land she described. I wonder, how is there not more written about this author? It was hard to find information to share.

    Edwina Geach was one of seven children whose parents had emigrated from Cornwall to Melbourne. The family, moved to Sydney in 1904. Three of the Geach children took to the arts: Edwina became a writer and Portia a well-known artist. Geach's selection of poetry and short stories of fantasy and myth, The Soul of the Ti-Tree was published in 1909, after her death.

    Edwina C. Geach i(21 works by) (a.k.a. Edwina Catherine Geach)
    Also writes as: E. C. ; Spencer Gray
    Born: 1870 Prahran, Victoria ; Died: 25 Dec 1905 St Leonards, New South Wales
    Gender: Female

    That's about all I could find so far. Hope you enjoy this author blog focusing on lesser known authors!