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Announcing LiterarySocial's Lit Wit Writing Contest!

  • Have you ever wanted to stretch the boundaries of your writing, to join one of the many writing contests around? You're not alone, but the biggest and most well known requires a level of commitment that can be terrifying. Being a writer is an amazing thing, but it does take sitting down and actually writing.

    Here at LiterarySocial, we feel that you should be rewarded for each step along the way. Getting a full 50,000 word novel done in a month is panic-inducing for most of us. However, can you do 1000? That's all we ask!

    Welcome to Lit Wit, the writing #contest for us. Every 1000 words, you earn yourself a raffle ticket. There are no limits to how many tickets you can submit, as long as each one is a new 1000 words in your breakthrough novel.

    So, what are you waiting for? Read on to learn more here!