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(EoW2) Ledger of...

  • I am surrounded. The darkness envelops every ounce of my being. I haven't the power to stop it from seeping in. I can only wait, and finally, as always, my waiting pays off. A bright light flashes inside me. It is a blinding light, yet it allows me sight, however brief, however blurred. I try to focus, to see past this veil, to see what is beyond the shadow-people, but I cannot. I have power, but it's not enough.

    Days pass by in a blur. Light and dark. Dark and light. I am given power only to have it taken away by those more powerful. I am not even allowed movement in this cruel world, I can only sit and wait for those around me to need me. To have use for me, and until then I sit alone in darkness. I reminisce of earlier days. The clanging of metal on metal awoke me one day. I was young then. New. Wondering what this world was and even what I was, what I could do. Not long after I awoke was I shipped to a smaller, quieter place. It was a bright place, one I felt I would gain hope for, but that was short lived. I was put on display, like a common household object until, one day, I was bought. Me. Purchased.

    I snapped back to reality as one found need for me. Or so I thought. Instead, the moment I was awoken I was taken from my home. I was happy at first, finally given the chance to look around, but it did not last. I saw glimpses of walls, of shapes and shadows I'd never seen before. Just as quickly as I'd seen them though, they were gone. Through hallways I traveled, through rooms and finally up a ladder. It was dark again. For only a moment was it dimly lit, enough to see a single circular window on the wall, filthy with dust and not a single speck of light trickling in from it. This was to be my new home.

    I was left there. Forgotten, allowed to live out my last days in a darkened corner along with all the other unneeded and unwanted ones. I sat with no power. I sat with no life. I sat with nothing but the boxes and other forgotten friends. No. I sat with nothing. Years passed as I conformed to the rest of the room, collecting dust on each surface until, finally, a light came from below. Voices, two, spoke softly, and I was given a chance to escape.

    I wanted to run, to get away from this place, but I knew I couldn't. Instead I was taken once more by these people. They took me to yet another world. This was a new world, one I'd never seen. It was quiet, yet... colorful. Green and blue were a new sight, a welcome sight to the dreary blacks and grays I'd come to know. Blurs came into sight once more, taking my companions from the last home away. Some even came to me, touching me, asking if I worked, picking me up even. I was taken away from my home that day, a place I did not like, but I knew.

    I was again moved from place to place. I lived more comfortably, away from the darkness even, but I was tired and my life grew dimmer. Light was always around me, always, never was there a moment of darkness. I was given the chance to help as a man next to me wrote. This too was not my choice. No, it was not my choice but I was, for once, happy to help.

    Day in and day out he wrote, never giving me a chance to rest until. I could feel my power waning. I tried to show him, tried to keep going, but I could not and the darkness came. Something inside me broke that day. I panicked and closed my eyes hard. The man removed my veil for the first time in my life, giving me a chance to see the world without the foggy glasses. He walked to a small door, reached high and took some sort of rounded glass object. I was scared as something inside me was removed only to be replaced moments later, but my fear quickly subsided as it came. My light shone once more and my veil stayed off. I watched from my pedestal as the man worked each day. I watched, and I was happy.

    Hours turned into days, which turned into weeks, months, and even years. The man aged and so did I. I could see my world becoming blurry and darker each day, I could tell there was not much time left for me. The veil was removed for so long, but lately it seemed like it was still there. Shadows were all that I saw as my last days were spent in the dim lighting I produced. I watched the man write, all these years. He wrote with my light there to give him sight. I knew now that it was my place to be his light, it was my job just as it was his to write, and even though my job was done, his was not. I tried one last time to shine for the man, and that day I did. I shined brighter than ever before, but it came at a cost. Smoke trailed out of me. I watched the man turn towards me just as my light went out. My weakened eyes dimmed, looking back at the blackened shadow of a man and my power waned until finally there was none left.

    I could feel myself be picked up near the end, I could feel the warmth being replaced by the cold chill of death and then, in that same instant, all was gone.


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  • Tiffany B I was captivated from the beginning and also taken on a journey of the life of this object while trying to figure out what it was. I won't spoil it. You just have to read it. So many real-life parallels too.