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Otto the Otter

  • Nearby, in the ocean, lived an otter by the name of Otto. When Otto was a little baby, he was walking on the beach and spotted something sparkling in the distance. As he walked closer, he found it. A special rock just for him. All otters have one, that one special rock, and he knew that this was his.

    Otto carried that rock everywhere in his special little pouch just under his arm. It was his most prized possession, and he loved it.

    One day, Otto decided to take a dive under water and explore. He swam all over and had the time of his life, until he realized he'd lost something.

    Otto dug into his pouch with his little otter paw, but he just couldn't find it. His special rock must have fallen out of his pouch!

    Otto swam back to where he was last and met another little otter.

    "Have you seen my special rock? It's really pretty and sparkly." Otto asked politely.

    The other otter looked at him and pulled out his own rock. "Is this it?" The otter asked.

    "No..." Otto replied as he swam back to shore, hoping maybe someone else had found it.

    Once Otto got onto the beach, he heard a clanging sound, the same sound his rock always made on shells!

    Otto ran as fast as he could, so happy he'd finally found his rock. When he arrived, however, he saw yet another otter with yet another rock that was not his. He drooped his head and slinked back off to shore.

    Otto walked all along the shoreline, hoping maybe his rock had washed up somewhere, but, unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found.

    He was finally about to give up, but just then another otter swam straight up, right next to him, pulled something out of her pocket, and started rubbing it sweetly.

    Otto looked over, past the girl otter, only to discover his rock! "My rock!!" He exclaimed excitedly. "I'm so glad! I thought I'd never see it again!" Otto quickly grabbed the rock out of the female otter's hand without letting her say a word.

    He rubbed the rock against his cheek happily and looked toward his rock's savior. "Thanks a lot for finding my rock! What's your name?" He asked.

    Octavia..." She replied, a sad look upon her face as she looked at his rock.

    Otto looked back at Octavia, realizing that, even though this was his rock, she'd really grown attached to it. "You... really like the rock right?" he asked the girl.

    "Mhm." She replied, still looking right at it.

    Otto thought for a few minutes, then finally spoke. "Then I guess from now on, we'll have to be friends!" He said pushing his special rock towards her. "And we'll have to share."

    Octavia smiled a big huge smile at Otto, taking the rock and rubbing it against her fur before giving it back to him.

    Together, Otto and Octavia went everywhere together and becoming the best of friends. Just him, her, and their special rock.