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FS An ordinary mutt

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    April 5, 2014 11:09 AM EDT


    Looking through the kitchen window while he was doing dishes, Brad saw a medium sized dog sitting in the middle of the back yard. The mutt looked dirty and matted, as though it had not been cared for in a while. It sat and stared at him through the window, almost willing him to come out.

    He finished the dishes, all the while being watched by the dog. He had made up his mind not to go out there as he never liked dogs and this one was someone else's problem. Just as he was about to leave the window area, the dog lifted its paw and cocked its head and ear in such a way that he had to go out there to see what was up.

    As he neared the dog, he saw how thin it was and how cold it seemed to be as it was shaking and shivering. Some little thread of caring seeped into his heart and he decided to at least give it some food and warm it up a little, just for a short while in the house.

    "Come on boy," he said while patting his leg to get the dog to respond.

    It got up and slowly approached him, head down and tail gently wagging. As it got closer, it was apparent that this dog had either been abandoned long ago or had been lost for some time. This further opened Brad's heart to the dog as he started to feel genuine concern for it.

    He led the dog into the house, got it some table scraps and prepared a bath as it could not stay in the house in the state it was in. Dog bathed, fed and combed (as best as could be with a normal comb), it fell asleep on the floor at Brad's feet while Brad was searching Google for lost dog posts.

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