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Do You Use Social Media?

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    September 10, 2014 6:04 AM EDT
    Part of writing is promotion so I put this here in this section.

    Do you use social media to promote your books? I've noticed that Twitter has become just a promotional tool and as such is just not all that interesting any more. I wonder now, how many people go on it to read what's up and how many are just on it for promotion. It's ruining Twitter as all I ever see are promotions now. Nothing of substance, or very little. As such, it's becoming less effective as a promotional tool.

    Facebook has been waning in appeal also. Too many ads on it now. I hardly go on it and when I do, the updates I want are so peppered with ads that it's just becoming irrelevant and so, probably less effective for promotion.

    Goodreads is a good place to go and I have a profile there but I need to get more active on it.

    Google+, well, I've never really gotten into it.

    So, what do you all use and what do you find is becoming irrelevant that perhaps was a popular promotional tool?