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SIP - Story in Progress

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    September 15, 2014 8:21 AM EDT
    SIP = Story in Progress

    Not sure about the rest of you but I always tend to have more than one story going. It's not that I lose interest, it's just that I have many different ideas pop up and don't want to lose them so I jot them down as stories. Curakan is one story in progress. I also have The Key which is not here on this site but is in editing stage atm.

    I might post a few SIP's and label those as such. Feel free to do the same. I'll post mine in the Stories section as I like to have the chapters formatted and it allows for that in that section. You can post your stories wherever you feel most comfortable though. Some of mine, if they don't need a specific format, will be posted in Pages/Groups set up for those genres.

    Note how I put the hashtags at the end of most things? (see below the two, one for writing and one for SIP) These help people to find things easier and work similar to Twitter hashtags. They also help a lot with Google as they made their bots eat these up like candy. If you want your posts found faster by Google, and get promotion faster for your stuff, add hashtags too. Check to see some of the popular tags right on the home page.

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    September 25, 2014 7:56 AM EDT
    We are hoping to do something with SIPs later on so please try to mark your in progress as SIP if you want to take part in the later on stuff. If not, no problem. :) We just want to do some promoting once we have some more members and activity and SIP contests and things sound interesting. "Come to Lit and have a SIP". WIP just sounded like we would attract a crowd looking for something else. LOL. We could change it to WIP though if feedback is for us doing that.