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Writing disclaimer

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    September 16, 2014 6:09 PM EDT
    There may be times when it's necessary for me to write a story or make a character that could be objectionable to some. I just wanted to say, my stories are fiction and my characters are just that, characters. Sometimes they may be made a certain way and have certain personality traits that could be offensive.

    I never have and never will discriminate against anyone. I don't judge people for where they are from, their level of education, how they look or their sexual orientation.

    The stories are meant solely for entertainment and never to disparage any group or individuals.

    This is my own personal statement and anyone else, please feel free to add to it. I'm a bit tired while writing so I may have left something important out.

    **Edit to add - I used "me" and "I" in here but I think this goes for everyone that writes. :)