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    January 6, 2016 2:59 PM EST
    This is a fun little tool that I use on Facebook to be able to see my percentages as I work. It does NOT post to your profile any longer though, as it wasn't updated to work with Facebook's new app settings. To use, go here. It'll ask you permission, but specifies that it cannot post to your timeline. This is just the general Facebook permission setting, and is used for all apps.

    Once that is done, you'll be on the main screen, which looks like this.

    Clicking "Add New" allows you to set up your work in progress. Always add a target word count if you want to see the percentages. Change "Post to Wall" to "NO" in order to not get an error, now that Facebook's app guidelines have changed. If you forget it (I do sometimes) it'll take you to the error page, and you just have to click the Facebook link at the top to go back to your main Facebook feed, then click the app again to see the updated percentage. Otherwise, it'll refresh and show you your new percentage right away.

    This is what the window looks like once works have been added.

    If you want to show these off on your Facebook timeline or here, simply take a screenshot of that page to share, that's what I do!