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The Gift

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    February 10, 2017
    A few days before Christmas and all the gifts were wrapped. In amongst all of them was one special gift sent from a soldier fighting overseas. It was wrapped lovingly in golden paper with a red velvet ribbon. "To Mom, Dad and Sis, with Love ~ Jacob". It wasn't a big gift but it was in everyone's thoughts, to know what was inside.

    The beautiful tree sat in front of the parlor window, glowing majestically with it's multi-colored bulbs. Atop was an angel with feathery wings and a slightly glowing halo. The tree attracted the attention of the neighborhood as it was beautifully decorated and the house was aglow with many Christmas lights, carefully placed.

    The tree attracted the attention of some thieves that had been working the area. During the early morning hours, they snuck up to the house and made their way inside. They had seen all of the big presents and had targeted this house as being worth the effort. They made away with all of the gifts, including the golden box with the red ribbon.

    When the family awoke and saw all of the gifts gone, their hearts were broken due to that one box being stolen. All of the rest could be replaced but this one box. One of their neighbors called the local news channel to try and make a plea to the thieves. The news was eager to run such a story throughout the day, in the hopes of a happy ending.

    They taped the family's plea which went as thus:

    "Please whomever came and stole our Christmas gifts, if you could find it in your heart to return the gold box with the red ribbon, we'll let you keep all the rest of the stuff. You see, this box was from our son who sent it to us a month ago and we promised to open it on Christmas Day when he would call us. He was killed during an ambush while on patrol. This is the last thing we have from him. Please bring it back to us. Our son, Sgt. Jacob McGreen died fighting for our country. Please help us fulfill our promise to him."

    As fate would have it, one of the thieves was watching the news and his heart broke for what he had done. Late that night, Christmas Eve, he went back to the house and left the gift under the tree with a note.

    The family awoke on Christmas and went to the tree with all the faith that their son's present would be returned to them. They never expected what they found - the gift and the following note:

    "I'm sorry for what I did. I didn't know no better. I have no job and I need the money to live on but that doesn't matter. I feel so bad for what I did to you. Your son saved the life of someone very important to me. Your son died saving my brother. I can never repay that. I wish I could bring back all the gifts but we got rid of them before we saw the news. This had fallen in the truck where we did not see it until later. Once I saw the news, I had to bring it back to you. Please forgive me."

    The McGreens were astonished to read this heartfelt note. They opened the box, gingerly so as to save the wrapping and ribbon. Inside was a photo of their son, smiling at the camera and holding a sign that said, "I love you all and miss you, see you soon!"

    ~by Donna A Bryant, 12/24/2013, a work of fiction
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