I Figured out the Jean Pool

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    February 10, 2017 8:39 AM EST
    I was thinkin' about all these inheritances I got and figured to enlighten everyone else that's got a bunch of inheritances. I don't mean money and things, I mean medical inheritances. You know, the things we get handed down from our relations? No, not those sexually transmitted VD things, I mean the relations like Ma and Pa. Them sorts.

    Here goes!

    It's all got to do with this here thing called a Jean Pool. My doctor told me about it. It sorta works like this:

    Your Ma, well she gots Jeans. Her Jeans got handed down to her from her Ma and Pa, and all their Ma's and Pa's afore them. Now, this is almost like them hand-me-down pants and shirts you may have gotten from your brothers and sisters. Almost, except these Jeans, well they's inside you.

    These Jeans in the Jean pool, well they come from all your ancestries. Now, when you're being made, all those Jeans, they come together and first they sorta get blended up like in a blender. Then, that gets poured out and sort of stuck together like Playdoh. Once it's all formed up, it makes you and gives you all these medical conditions, all mixed up.

    So, let's say your Ma's Ma, heck maybe her Pa (yeah your Grandpa) well maybe he had bad gas. Oh don't make that face and stop chucklin'. This here's an Adult conversation and we can talk about gas. Back to it. Ok his bad gas, well it got put in the Jean pool, along with maybe his Granma's Vertigo so now's, you'll be dizzy and pass bad gas, get it? Oh and gas, if we want to be all technicals about it, we call it flatterlance. Big name for a fart or burp, ain't it?

    Ok so now with all them relations, you get all sorts of conditions and interestin' combinations. Maybe Mary got her Jeans handed to her and they had, all mixed in there nice and tight, some Hai Fever an mixed it with some Bad Breath and boy oh boy if you also mixed it with flatterlance, well juss don't sit near her on the bus!

    You get the point though, right? It's that Jean Pool that's responsible for your medical situation for many things. At least now you've got a good idea of where things come from and who to blame!

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    October 1, 2022 6:49 PM EDT
    Lol! Very clever. I really didn't know what to expect, but then, there it was in it's glory, humor at it's best!

    Very funny!
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    October 3, 2022 6:11 PM EDT