Where did the Laughter Go?

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    February 10, 2017 8:41 AM EST

    I don't know exactly when it happened. Things like this tend to creep up on us and hit us in the face rather rudely to announce their existence. Maybe we just get too busy to notice until it's too late, until it's become a sad way of life rather than a fluke.

    I got to thinking lately about humor and when it became such an elusive thing. When did we forget how to take a joke? When did every little thing suddenly become the "hot button" that incited anger by the masses? When did hatred become so ingrained, so pervasive in society that it's common to see protests about such inconsequential things as cups, and anger over holiday traditions?

    We've forgotten to laugh. We've given up happiness to instead remain mired in the thick, heavy muck of misery. The kind of misery that serves to keep our souls trodden down and wilting in a vast sunless pit of despair. There is no light in this existence, nothing to uplift and allow us to soar.

    We need to find the laughter again. Remember that jokes are not something to be hated or feared. We don't need to wait for someone to find offense in every little thing. We can't be afraid to share a joke and a laugh because someone might be offended. As it is now, they will be offended. There is a percentage of the population now that enjoys nothing more than to spread their misery infection around and make everyone else as miserable as they are.

    It's time to bring the laughter back in our lives. It's healthier to laugh and experience that great feeling than it is to be unhappy and angry all the time. Don't allow misery mongers to invade our lives any longer. Cut them out of your social media accounts, and you know who they are. They're the ones that you say "oh gosh what are they mad about now" or you see nothing but controversy from them.

    Find a comedy to watch - perhaps some oldies such as I Love Lucy, Carol Burnett show, Dick van Dyke show, etc. Newer ones such as Big Bang Theory or Impractical Jokers, etc. Perhaps a funny movie or maybe your favorite comedian has some stuff on video or go see them live if possible. Go to a joke site and read some of the funny stuff. Find funny memes. Whatever you can find to make you laugh, do it.

    Here's something to get you started:

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    September 23, 2022 10:02 AM EDT
    Very well said, Donna. For the past few years comedian's have been struggling with creating their stand-up comedy skits, since the world has forgotten to laugh. I can recall John Cleese making remarks a few years ago in an interview, describing the difficulty comedians are now having with reaching their audience like they used too. Agreed, too many people are just offended at everything and it's taking away the laughter we once shared with comedians and it's even affecting the dynamics of movies. We also revert back to older comedy, because it was just funny, innocent and no hidden agenda. We've recently revisited Bewitched and occasionally catch I Dream of Jeannie. Love Dick Van Dyke and I Love Lucy is up there as one of my favorite classics. The Carol Burnett show is amazing and the Dentist Skit is truly a comedy craft classic. Love this skit!
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    September 30, 2022 4:35 PM EDT
    Eventually we will have reactions or at least thumbs up/like in the forums.
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    September 30, 2022 5:11 PM EDT

     Awesome! Looking forward to seeing more reactions!